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On 23rd November, ONESHOT Ventures has a Telegram AMA with Spaceship War

At the AMA: Harry Hieu – CEO from Spaceship War, introduced and shared many interesting information about Spaceship War.

  • PLACE : https://t.me/oneshotventures_chat
  • TIME : 2 PM UTC | 9 PM (UTC +7) | 23rd December 2021
  • Airdrop : $100 & 5 WL

Great, the AMA will be happening as follows:

Part 1 : Introduction
Part 2 : 5 Question from Twitter
Part 3 : 5 Questions In Free Asking

ONESHOT: @Harry_hieu are you ready to start???

Spaceship War: I’m ready buddy

ONESHOT: Welcome everyone to today’s AMA
Today ONESHOT Ventures will hold AMA with Spaceship War
Today our guest is: Harry Hieu – CEO.
@Harry_hieu can you introduce everyone here about yourself as well as the project?

Spaceship War: Yes, thank you.

First of all, I would like to send everyone here my warmest greetings, thank you for participating in the team’s AMA and the whole team feels very happy and extremely proud to be here. .

My name is Harry, our team consists of 12 members from Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City, most of which are game programmers.

Our team has extensive experience in game development and has been involved in a number of medium to large scale game projects.

After thorough research, the team found that with the great advantages of Block Chain as well as the inherent experience in the game, the whole team agreed to jointly create a Game Block Chain project under the genre of “Playing Game”. to earn”, from which “Spaceship War” was born.

ONESHOT: Thank you, so we will come to the first part of today’s meeting, please allow me to give you a few sentences so that everyone can better understand your project.

Spaceship War: Yes, thank you.

ONESHOT: First of all, what is the main idea behind Spaceship?

Spaceship War: First of all, thank you very much for your question
Actually, about the idea behind the birth of the Game, we were inspired by the famous movie “Star War”, we love this movie so much, the old code dev brothers love to watch this movie all the time.

So why did our group decide to get the idea from a fantasy movie?

Because the team is very hopeful and confident that the development of the “Spaceship War” project will thrive, and that one day, the development of the project will come so quickly that no one can imagine. and beyond the galaxy, it’s like Elon Musk’s SpaceX/Tesla: a lot of people said he was crazy, doing impossible projects, but now, you see when you look back people have said that is so wrong!

In addition, throughout the game, there will be many story collections, and each episode when released will have other attractive features for players to keep an eye on

ONESHOT: Next, do you want me to share more about the basic information and necessary characters in the game? Also, what are all the modes you will support? What is your game’s release date (tentative)? Because this will surely be a game that will attract many people and I’m sure you will be in it too

Spaceship War: To start the game, players need a small amount of $SPW Token (only about 3,000 $SPW🤤) to open “Spaceship”, when opening the Spaceship, the player will also be given 01 Weapon (weapon) default 1 star.

After successful opening, you can bring your Spaceship and Weapon to fight to the death with galactic monsters (PvE Feature) to earn money and protect the peace of the galaxy and the entire universe. The specific stats of Spaceship and Weapon are as follows:

* Information of Spaceship: Players will randomly receive 01 of these 04 Spaceships when starting to open. 04 Spaceship will be 04 systems representing 4 planets: Earth Speaceship (Earth) – Mercury speaceship (Water) – Venus speaceship (Metal) – Mars speaceship (Fire). Spaceship stats
+ Level (Level, max 255): + Weapon. Every time you level up +100 power, every 10 levels +1000power
+ System: There are 04 systems of Water-Fire-Earth-Metal
+ Exp (experience points).
+ Power: Each spaceship has 1,000 power at the start, every 10 levels + 1,000 power
+ Energy (energy): starts at 200, and heals over time for 1 energy (Each turn costs 40 energy).
+ Durability (durability): starting at 100, when the durability is exhausted, you can’t fight anymore, need a little token to Repair.

* Information of Weapon:
+ Star (Number of stars): From 01 to 05 stars.
+ System: There are 04 systems of Water-Fire-Earth-Metal.
+ Add the corresponding attribute line as follows:
• Weapon 1,2,3 stars: Gain + 1 more attribute line (Random from Power, Energy or Durability)
• 4-star weapon: Gain + 2 more attribute lines
• 5-star weapon: Gain + add 3 attribute lines (Full)
+ Enhancement Level: Increases upon successful enhancement
+ Weapon durability: same feature as Spaceship.

=> In addition, the weapon has a pretty cool feature called “Weapon Enhancement”: You can use an unused weapon to enhance the weapon you want, if the enhancement is successful, the weapon’s attribute line main will increase.

Besides, we also have a lot of cool features to keep players and help the value of TOKEN $SPW not fluctuate too much. You can visit my website for more reference: https://spaceship-war.io/

About the game release date:
– Testnet launch: 11/28
– Launching the official game: After the list of PCS 30 minutes, we will release it immediately.

ONESHOT: Next, I have a question that nowadays, many games played to make money have many cheating problems, raising hundreds of accounts to make money. That wouldn’t be fair to the latecomers. So what is the solution for SpaceShip War? Hope Mr. Hieu will answer the question so that everyone can understand

Spaceship War : I consider this a very good and quite difficult question.

We understand that well, so in order to keep the Game balanced, we have professional measures on Technical Code to attach some functions to prevent Cheat Game. The system will immediately warn, screen for clone acc and intentionally install Auto play to claim poolRewards.

A very fortunate thing is that in my group, there is 1 friend who is working for Kaspersky VN, and she is in charge of “Risk management” for the project, so I am completely confident in this regard

Don’t worry, I won’t let real gamers suffer

ONESHOT: And thanks for the explanation, we will come to the last question of part 2
I have planned for IDO on November 30th, so how can users get the same buy level and minimum and maximum purchase required? What is the hard limit and what benefits will be offered to the buyer before selling??

Spaceship War: Yes, about the IDO plan that we prepared very carefully, right now you can join our Whitelist through this link: https://gleam.io/kpKTa/spaceship-war

In addition, I would like to send some information about IDO (Pre-sale) for you to grasp:
🗓End date: 29th November
IDO : Pinksale
🗓IDO Date : 13:00 utc – 30th November
✅Hard Cap: 800 BNB
✅Soft Cap : 400 BNB

✅Min buy : 0.2 BNB
✅Max buy : 2 BNB

✅Presale Rate: 37,500 $SPW/BNB
✅Listing Rate: 34,000 $SPW/BNB

📌Total Winners : 1000 Wallets
🛸Top winners : 500 Wallets
🛸Random winners : 500 Wallets

In addition, when looking at the pre-sale price above, everyone will probably see that winning the Whitelist and buying the Pre-sale is sure, but you guys won’t win a limited Wl ^^

ONESHOT: Next we will come to part 2, Mr. Hieu will answer 5 selected questions on Twitter and when the answer is complete, just text “Done” 😂

Question 1 from @PKragak
Spaceship is an P2E blockchain game.Most P2E games only focus on profits,as this is one of the major attractions of blockchain games. My question is,does Spaceship focus more on the player experience in and out of the games to create a balance for playing & winning?

Spaceship War:
Yes, thank you. Honestly, everyone who invests wants the Token value to fly far and high, and so do I.😄

However, for Tech people like us, we just really want you to experience our game more, that’s the pride, desire, desire and happiness of our Dev Code people. me 😊

We take care of everything about the game, from the interface, the drawings, to the graphics, which are meticulously elaborated. A dedicated UI/UX team analyzes for the best possible user experience…

Of course, at the same time, I will also have many great features to keep you guys with the Game and won’t let you down 👌

Question 2 from @SilakYamon
Problem of game P2E is when player won small rewards immediately withdrew from the game, damaging the liquidity of the project. Spaceship War takes this reality into consideration and manages economic strategies to support the true lovers of its game?

Spaceship War:
I understand what you mean by asking this question on TW, and this is also the common pain of Dev Code Game people like us and of many other Game projects, when poolRewards is exhausted, the game will also go away :(. …actually no matter how big the poolRewards is, if the user is bored with the game and wants to withdraw, sooner or later the pool will run out….

Not long ago, some of my friends also made games, but unfortunately, players only care about profits, when they earn enough money, they withdraw tokens and leave.

That’s why, under your advice to not go into that rut, our team launched a lot of great features to balance the price and retain players for as long as possible such as: Introduction – Auto burn – especially Regeneration poolRewards (Tax obtained from MarketPlace will automatically transfer to the pool and refill this token store)

Question 3 from @SyminuL
Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes your project different from other projects?

Spaceship War:
Thanks for your question on TW.

With all the heart and honor of the people of Dev Code Game, I assure you that the game release time will be done as promised.

Our team also understands that for the current “Play to earn” genre game, survival is that the features must be really good and attractive enough to retain players, in addition to the basic features. About buying/selling/exchanging, the game also has 4 very special features as follows:

– Referral: Referrer will receive 1%/ Total tokens used by the referred person in the game
– Auto burn: All tokens used by players in the game, we will burn them all.
– Enhance weapons: If you’ve ever played VU LAM TRANH KY, you will definitely know this very cool feature.
– Regeneration poolRewards: All tax collected (10%) in our MarketPlace will automatically transfer all to the pool to continue to regenerate for the pool.

So, please trust and support the “Spaceship War” project.

Question 4 from @SilakYamon
SpaceShipWar presale will happen in Pinkecosystem so why choose Pinkecosystem to conduct your presale? What advantages you see with them? Can you tell us some details of your presale and how to participate it? Any benefits for early adopters of your presale?

Spaceship War:
Many thanks for your question

Yes, why did I choose PinkSale? Because the team always believes that transparency is the key to success, and PinkSale meets that, when you buy IDO on Pinksale you can withdraw urgently (No fee) if you want to change your mind immediately ie

In addition, even the Whitelist list is published very openly and transparently.

Another remarkable point is that PINKSALE has KYC function, and our team has also completed KYC with PINKSALE. 👌

Question 5 from @SLiomie
I saw that whitelisting for SpaceShipWar #IDO is now open. Can you tell us what are the requirements to qualify for the said #IDO? What benefits can we get from being whitelisted? Can you tell us how many spots will be the whitelist IDO is limited to?

Spaceship War:
Yes, thanks for your question, to join IDO (Pre-Sale) of the project, you need to register for Whitelist at this link: https://gleam.io/kpKTa/spaceship-war and become a member win.

We will allocate the number of winners as follows:

📌Total winners: 1,000 Wallets of which are allocated to:
Number of winners with the highest score: 500 wallets
Random selection of the rest: 500 wallets

Next is the live Q&A part

Participants will be asked questions within a certain time

Then we will stop asking questions and guests will choose 5 questions to answer

@Harry_hieu are you ready?

Spaceship War:
yes, I am ready.

You guys are enthusiastic about me
Ok, now you can choose 5 questions to answer

Can you give a brief introduction to tokenomics? And tell us more about Total Supply and Starting Price for each token?

Spaceship War:
I would like to answer as follows:

Tokenomics will be allocated as follows:

Total supply : 100,000,000 $SPW

Presale 30% : 30,000,000 $SPW

List PCS 21% : 21,000,000 $SPW => 12 month lockout!

Airdrop 2% : 2,000,000 $SPW

Pool RW 37% : 37,000,000 $SPW => No lock to transfer in-game bonus tokens to users.
MKT AND PRIVATE SALE 5%: 5,000,000 $SPW => 12 month course.
– MKT: 12-month course, distributed 1 time/month!
– PRIVATE SALE: 12-month course, distributed 4 times/3 months!

Developer 5% : 5,000,000 $SPW => 12 month course, distributed 1 time/1 month!

According to the website, SpaceShip War’s vision and mission is good. However, it requires considerable users to be viable in the long run. Do you have any marketing plan in place to enhance the brand credibility of the project and increase its popularity?

Spaceship War:
For us, for a long-term development of a project, Marketing is a very important thing, so the team decided to spend at least 10% / Total revenue to implement Marketing for the project, the cost can be will be much higher.

As you can see, in the immediate future, we have been listed on electronic newspapers such as: blockonomi; digitaljournal; Yahoo-finance; Yahoo-News; benzinga; marketwatch; digitaljournal; BscDaily… and other online newspapers will be listed soon.

We will do more marketing to list on CGK – CMC, the team will work hard within 07 to 10 days after listing on PCS to accomplish this goal.
Of course, the AMA of all famous groups will be an integral part of this campaign.

In addition, we also have a lot of activities, weekly small campaigns in the project’s community group, you can follow more at the project group: https://t.me/spaceshipwar_community 👌

According to the website, SpaceShip War’s vision and mission is good. However, it requires considerable users to be viable in the long run. Do you have any marketing plan in place to enhance the brand credibility of the project and increase its popularity?

Spaceship War:
For game players: I think what they expect the most is not words or promises from them, what they care most about is transparency and respect and we will do everything to make you feel happy. as best as possible.

For the project: we are completely serious, we are ready to KYC if there is a request like with PINKSALE we also complete KYC, or even like Yahoo-Finance, BSC-DAILY we also complete KYC with them.

For the community: we are willing to listen to users’ opinions / comments and try to update or upgrade to make our project better. We will try our best to serve you all.

We will do everything to show that we are trying and be transparent with you.

For the Audit we completed according to the advice of “PINKSALE” and announced publicly on the website, you can see more details on our website. 👌

Based on the greatness and style of BSC Play to Earn game, your team decided to launch the game “Spaceship War” – Part 01 with the goal of giving players the most enjoyable experience. So when will there be part 02? Will you release part 02 soon?

Spaceship War:
Yes, for “Spaceship War” – Part 2 will be released very soon, maybe in about 1 month (After releasing part 01) we will release “Spaceship War” – Part 2 right away. ..

I have some secrets for you: In Season 02, after defeating ferocious monsters, humans on earth due to overpopulation began to expand their territories to other planets. and another galaxy, and whatever comes must come. The alliance has disbanded and a new war has begun, the Spaceship War” – Part 2 will be titled “War of the Planets” …

At this time, each player planet will begin to build a base, army, militia, food and PvP mode will be born with many other attractive features such as Bet…

In terms of security, does Spaceship War really care about security? Has Spaceship War been checked for issues to make it safer and more reliable?

Spaceship War:
Well, after carefully choosing, I would like to decide to choose this question:

Thank you very much for your question @Minh Tuan, I would like to answer your question as follows:

We are very concerned about security, so the whole team focuses and spends a lot of time on ensuring security, we also use a 3rd party Audit service (following PINKSALE’s instructions) to verify the authenticity. confidentiality of a contract.

You can see more details about our Audit via this link:
https://github.com/interfinetwork/smart-contract-audits/blob/main/ SpaceshipWar_AuditReport_InterFi.pdf

I wish you a lot of success with your project

Spaceship War:
We hope you will support the project and continue to follow and subscribe to our community channel. Wishing you all a very happy and healthy evening.

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