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On 21st December, ONESHOT Ventures has a Telegram AMA with RevolutionLTD.

At the AMA: Trung Vu – CMO from RevolutionLTD, introduced and shared many interesting information about RevolutionLTD.

  • PLACE : https://t.me/oneshotventures_chat
  • TIME : 2:30 PM UTC | 9:30 PM (UTC +7) | 21st December 2021
  • Airdrop : WL

Great, the AMA will be happening as follows:

Part 1 : Introduction
Part 2 : 5 Question from Twitter
Part 3 : 5 Questions In Free Asking

ONESHOT: Good day everyone, we are happy to have RevolutionLtd to our live AMA session today. We have @Ice898 with us to talk more about RevolutionLtd.

RevolutionLTD: Hello everyone. Im Trung Vu, CMO of Revolution.

ONESHOT: First of all, can I tell you a little bit about myself?

RevolutionLTD: I’m Trung Vu, CMO of Revolution. So happy to have an AMA with the OneShot community today

ONESHOT: Because this is your first time joining the community, let’s get to know me and a little bit about my project, can you tell me where the idea for RevolutionLTD came from?

RevolutionLTD: About the inspiration of the project: Game Revolution was developed based on the project of the traditional game, researched and deployed from the third quarter of 2021, to this stage Revolution has deployed through the necessary stages for a product. game products and bring them to market for business.

Right at the time when Revolution had completed all steps to hit the market, the NFT game trend broke out after the great success of Axie infinity, and also the person who has joined the Crypto market since 2017 I have researched. Research and find that the future NFT will become a new platform, expanding the market for the traditional game industry. Every detail in the Revolution ecosystem is very relevant, so we decided to implement this project.

ONESHOT: Could you please tell me the strategy to attract new users, motivation and benefits for traders & investors holding $REV token for long term? We want to know more about the utility of the $REV token.

RevolutionLTD: We have quite a bit of marketing, done these days with the goal of attracting more token holders (who play our game when the game is launched).

  • AMA with community, KOLs and partner projects
  • Airdrop/Giveaway campaigns (with rewards including NFT combos, REV tokens or even stablecoins).
  • Tiktok and Youtube campaign.
  • Media exposure (on top cryptocurrencies and traditional media).
  • Listed on Dapp rating platforms.
  • Pre-IDO marketing campaigns.

Stay tuned!

We focus on both. The game is ready to launch while the marketing will help us promote the brand and get the attention of the users first.

RevolutionLTD: REV is the governance token for Revolution Ecosystem. All decisions about the future of Revolution’s development policies and directives shall be made by voting.

The REV token created, issued and distributed by Revolution Corporation serves as the primary currency in the Revolution ecosystem we create.

REV is designed to replace the long-standing traditional recharge card method used to buy, sell, and trade in-game items and in all Revolution Corporation games. This creates a sustainable ecosystem where players show off their skills and creativity to earn in-game money. Besides that, players also have governance and voting rights (REV holders can vote on governance-related proposals depending on the amount of tokens they hold).

ONESHOT: As I can see, you have a lot of marketing activities. I am sure that my project will develop very strongly. To the next question.

If I bought your coin today, how would you motivate investors to hold it for the long term? Will there be any special benefits like staking and farming in the future?

RevolutionLTD: Chúng tôi sẽ quảng bá các hoạt động tiếp thị

  • Chế độ Staking nhận thưởng kép
  • Phần thưởng phân phối từ pool staking.
  • Phần thưởng được phân phối từ quỹ doanh thu của công ty.( dựa trên tỷ lệ % cổ phần mà người chơi nắm giữ)
  • Quản trị và biểu quyết (chủ sở hữu REV có thể bỏ phiếu cho các đề xuất liên quan đến vấn đề quản trị tất nhiên trọng lượng tùy thuộc vào lượng token họ nắm giữ).

ONESHOT: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIP so far?

RevolutionLTD: Currently, our project has been invested through the seed/trategic sale round. We are very interested in establishing cooperation with media parties so that our project can reach many new investors. With the goodwill to cooperate for mutual development, Revolution strongly believes in the good and long-term success in the cooperation process between us and our partners.

ONESHOT: I believe that your project has a good team ready to complete the work to the maximum, you will take into account the opinions, contributions, ideas of your community members at any time?

RevolutionLTD: Of course. Every project exists thanks to the community. I believe that without community, no project can be successful.

Therefore, receiving comments from the community and improving is an indispensable thing. Community-building contributions will be rewarded, we will run more events like this in the near future.

ONESHOT: Yes, thank you for your answers about part 1, which is to introduce to the community.

Next we will come to part 2 which is the twitter question.

ONESHOT: Question 1 from @Jamsbon58
People always check about safety and security from any project because much hack issue right now, I would like to know how is the safety from your project? How did you make sure that you are secure?

RevolutionLTD: Our team has planned an Audit by Certik and Techrate, We will audit the smart contract before selling IDO, so there is no need to worry about hacking. Our team has published many games on PC, about game security, data synchronization and encryption, our server is located in Azure (under Microsoft), not through any client to limit hacking.

ONESHOT: Can you share to us your tokenomics? How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens? Will there be buy back system or token burning in the future? from @Krissh57


You can see information about tokennomic here. We have Smart Contract Installed Buy Back And Burn Tokens At Each Certain Price.
ONESHOT: Question 3 from @Normaaan0
Explain what the @RevolutionREVSE token can be used for in the ecosystem and what role it plays in the growth of the project? So, how are you going to make your token more valuable, and how are you going to keep the token price and supply stable?
RevolutionLTD: Firstly, Rev is used as the main token in the games we will release.
Second Rev uses as payment currency on Marketplace.
The rest of the information you can refer to on our whitepaper.
ONESHOT: Question 4 from @DragonLover911
The @RevolutionREVSE team is currently focusing on game and art programs, and I want to know how many artists and game developers are in the @RevolutionREVSE team and how many people are in development.
Revolution provides game products and cooperates with Vietnamese entertainment companies and artists to implement option 2 to build a marketplace using VR technology. Revolution’s strength is having a media and entertainment unit and a team of seasoned advisors for planning and direction.
ONESHOT: Question 5 from @Debby9900
Now that the IDO of “@RevolutionREVSE ” is getting closer, how can we join or participate in the IDO? Which launchpads are you looking to have your IDO? Will there be any kind of whitelisting or we only need to stake some tokens? Where/how can we get more news on that?
RevolutionLTD: We plan to do Launchpad on 3 platforms and plan to run on our main platform, Revolution. For all information, please go to our telegram to follow up. We will update continuously. and IDO information will be updated when everything is up to standard. https://t.me/RevolutionLTD
In addition, you can refer to the linktree which will have all the information from our social networks https://linktr.ee/revolutionltd
ONESHOT: Thanks for your reply in twitter questions. I’m sure my community has a lot of questions for you right now. Let’s go to part 3 LIVE AMA.
COMMUNITY: I came across your whitepaper and it’s pretty cool, especially I think some of the characters look pretty cool, so what game are you guys planning to make?
RevolutionLTD: Yes, we are building a game as our starting point. Its a 3D gameplay style, open-world and we will reveal later. Our first phase will be a 3D game.
Phase 1: After IDO we will launch the game, please follow our social channels to update the latest information. Below is the image of the game we will be releasing
This is how they look like!!!
ONESHOT: How old is Your project? What are the major plans ahead? Could you show to us image of your roadmap?
RevolutionLTD: Our current roadmap:
1. Before IDO️:
[+] Connecting Wallet
[+] Token Swap
[+] More liquidity

▪️Launchpad – User Interface
[+] Set up project structure
[+] Wallet connection setup
[+] Set up Rematch Store Management
[+] Setting up Web3 Provider Connection with Smart Contract
[+] Lottie for Animation .JSON

▪️Launchpad Admin Dashboard – Backend
[+] Setup MongoDB
[+] Serverless function
[+] Login API
[+] Logout API
[+] Register API
[+] Send Email Service using ModeMailer
[+] Clean code
[+] API Project (Create Project, Update Project, Delete Project)
[+] List of API projects
[+] API project logo upload
[+] API User Accounts (Forgot Password, Update Info, Verify Email)
[+] Setup Upload API with Cloudinary

▪️Launchpad Admin Dashboard – User Interface
[+] Setup Next.js
[+] Material Design Settings
[+] Store manager
[+] Admin Dashboard Theme
[+] Connect to Backend
[+] Clean code
[+] Project creation interface

▪️ After IDO ️NFT Shop
[+] Buy NFT
[+] NFT refund

▪️NFT Marketplace
[+] Buy NFT on Marketplace
[+] Sell NFT on Marketplace

▪️Launchpad – Backend
[+] Database Setup
[+] Backend setting
[+] Set up project structure
[+] CRUD API for Project Schema

COMMUNITY: Are you running an airdrop OR minigame, can you give us more information about it?

RevolutionLTD: Currently, we are running an airdrop campaign and ending on December 25th. Our airdrop reward is up to $10,000 in token REV.

You can join via this link: https://t.me/REV_AirdropBot

1,880 random lucky participants each gets $5~REV tokens

▪️In addition, top 12 referrers will also share $600 worth REV tokens.

We also planned to hold an Airdrop on CoinMarketCap very soon. You better not to miss it.

COMMUNITY: What are your plans in place for global expansion, are you focusing on only market at this time?

RevolutionLTD: Of couse. DeFi is global from day 1 and so is our platform. We have a strong foothold in Viet Nam but are also focusing on getting more customers in other part of the world.

COMMUNITY: Can you tell me more details on the IDO? The schedule and contribution for each?

RevolutionLTD: We plan to open ido sale mid-January 2021. in December we will run whitelist. Depending on the market, we may postpone it.

ONESHOT: Yes, thank you for your answers

Before the end of the AMA is there anything you want to say to all of you?

RevolutionLTD: Thank you to everyone who watched this AMA. Because this is the first time AMA, there is a delay, hope everyone understands. To learn more about the project, join our community, we will explain your questions in detail.

ONESHOT: With the information you presented, I am sure your project will develop strongly!!!

ONESHOT: I would like to declare that the AMA is over. Thank you for your presence today

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