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On 8th December, ONESHOT Ventures has a Telegram AMA with PANDORA.

At the AMA: Michael Summer – Game Project Manager and Emily Stroller – Community Manager from PANDORA team, introduced and shared many interesting information about PANDORA.

Great, the AMA will be happening as follows:

Part 1 : Introduction
Part 2 : 5 Question from Twitter
Part 3 : 5 Questions In Free Asking

ONESHOT: Hello everyone, we’re now getting ready to have our AMA with PANDORA today. The chat will be muted during the AMA and you’ll be able to talk again once it’s finished.

@michaelsummer @emilystroller Thanks for joining us today! We’re very excited to have you here!

I’m love all GameFi project

PANDORA: Thank you for having us we are excited to share our project with your community !

ONESHOT: Please type “done” at the end of your answers in case that I jump in too early !

To start the AMA, we’ll turn to segment 1: Introduction.

Are you ready for segment 1 @michaelsummer @emilystroller ?


ONESHOT: Would you like to say hello and introduce yourself ? and can you briefly describe what is Pandora ?

PANDORA: Thank you for having me for the AMA I am Michael Summer and I am the Project Manager at Pandora’s World. Pandora is an Open-World exploration based game currently built on the Binance Smart Chain. The game will seamlessly support P2E (Play-to-earn) and encompass all traditional aspects of an open-world shooter MMORPG. The best part will be the ability to play and earn with friends. Customise your avatar, build a base, swim into the depths of the ocean, fly across the sky, nothing is impossible in the world. Experience online battles and fight to earn the token or if you choose live off the land in your empire and create farms to trade for additional ingame currency. The game will be free for all to play 😊. We have been hard at work over the past year and the game’s depth will show this. ( Michael Summer ).

That was a great explanation by Michael. I handle the marketing for the project and we are currently in talks with a few big groups to expand our reach as well as bring mainstream attention to the project. ( Emily Stroller ).

ONESHOT: Every project has a story behind their name, can you tell the story behind the name Pandora ?

PANDORA: Thats a great question thank you. It initially took us a while to come up with the name even whilst the game was being built it had not been decided. The name Pandora was originally chosen due to its origin of Greek mythology. Quire a few memebers of the team are fans of Greek methodology and thought it would fit the concept perfectly. The story was one that led to Pandora’s box to be created that left the world with many complicated problems. We felt the story of a everchanging world with AI battles and randomly generated events would perfectly fit this type of story. ( Emily Stroller ).

That is a great breakdown by Emily, to add as well the choice was one that did take time as we wanted to make it unique, memorable and meaningful. This was a name chosen that we feel describes the world that players will be in as around every corner there will be something exciting, random and new. ( Michael Summer )

ONESHOT: Wow ! Behind that name is a great feat of Pandora team.

PANDORA: Thanks you 😀

ONESHOT: Can you explain more about Free To Play & Play To Earn mode of Pandora?

PANDORA: The game Pandora will be free to play for all and the play to earn model will allow everyone across the world to be rewarded for their efforts in game. As gamers ourselves we wanted to create a game that was enjoyable and rewarding therefore the play to earn model was very important. There are many, many ways to earn tokens in the game that includes, completion of missions, battles with AI and other gamers, farming in game, trading in game NFTs just to name a few. The inclusion of these features will make playing the game an extremely rewarding experience. ( Michael Summer ).

Just to also we will have a huge marketplace that will allow players of the game to to earn tokens across different chains allowing all crypto users to join and be rewarded 🙂 ( Emily Stroller ).

ONESHOT: How will you manage the hordes of players coming to a game just to try and make a quick buck? Trying to inflate the prices at first and then leaving the game?

PANDORA: To handle those users we will not make it extremely easy to earn the currency as well as first a few tasks must be completed before its possible to start earning money. The tasks will not be too long or too hard but they should prevent bots and people who are not actually interested in the game. These mechanisms are important to us as we want to ensure the longevity of our game and token. ( Emily Stroller ).

Just to add to what Emily said we also have made sure to reward those players who continually return to the game by offering them bigger and better opportunities to earn money 🙂 so we should have a group of players and fans who love to play repeatedly. ( Michael Summer )

ONESHOT: Great idea !

PANDORA: Thanks we did take a lot of time to think of how to solve something like that.

ONESHOT: For those users who are not GAME LOVERS but really want to be a part of the PANDORA project, how can they also earn passive income without having to play the game?

PANDORA: The simplest way for those people to earn in the game would be getting their own land and letting the tokens be earnt via farming. It will not produce the most lucrative rewards however it is the easiest method and can even be considered passive income as the farm will only have to be maintained once a day. (Michael Summer ).

Just to also add we will allow for staking of our token on our platform as well as via the Roseon app ( Emily Stroller ).

We also belive our NFT market can be a very lucrative opportunity for people who want to not focus on actively playing and instead trading on other markets ( Emily Stroller ).

ONESHOT: Congratulations for the partnership of Pandora and Roseon Finance.

PANDORA: Thank you we are extremely proud to have them onboard 😀

ONESHOT: The last question => I and everyone here are very eager to know what the next plans of the Team will be? Can you share about the upcoming EVENT of PANDORA ?

PANDORA: The current plan will be to launch an Alpha in January to allow all players to have a try at the game and be able to give us feedback and recommend improvements as well as help us find bugs. This will have a very limited slot allocation however we will also host a beta soon after with more places before our final release next year. (Michael Summer).

Yes to add to what Michael has said join our group and be on the look out as we will be giving out Beta keys to our most supportive community members when it’s time. (Emily Stroller).

ONESHOT: With this answer, Part 1 of the AMA has been closed. I believe that everyone has had an overview of your team and PANDORA !

To go into more detail, we’ll come to Part 2: Answer the questions from Twitter.

First, I would like to say thank to the members of ONESHOT Community for sending so many questions about PANDORA to our Twitter.

All questions are very good but we can only choose 5 of them to answer because of time limit!!!

ONESHOT: The first question is from: @tieubinh2003

Currently, many games play to earn have many cheat problems, raise hundreds of accounts to make money. That wouldn’t be fair to the latecomers. So what does PANDORA have to do with it?

PANDORA: We have a few solutions in mind to prevent this and we will be testing them in the beta, the first will be a introductory processs that will be not possible for bots to complete due to its designs. Additionally we will be able to note the activity of the users and players can report characters they believe to be bots for our team to look into as it is an openworld im sure other players will notice the suspicious activity. Additionally late comers will be able to enjoy as much as early players as there are still many, many avenues for players to earn tokens and the randomly generated events will not be hard for a new player to get their foot in.

ONESHOT: The second question is from: @Nht25456236

According to your roadmap, Q1 of 2022 Pandora will release Alpha Game for early investors and Q2 of 2022 Beta release for the public. So can you explain us, what is the difference of this game release for early investor and for public? what advantages for an early investors?

PANDORA: Early investors and testers will unlock exclusive items in the game. Additionally they will be the ones who helped build a project and an ingame monument will be built with all their names on so they will always be known as part of the people who helped build our project. The public will release will not have as many exclusive and limited items however the individuals will still be rewarded for helping us test the game out at an early stage. That was a great question thanks for asking it.

ONESHOT: The 3rd question is from: @Knight132600

Pandora’s World Play to earn + PvP + PvE open world , so can you tell some features, benefits, and security to users’ information and assets so that they can can safely pass information to you ?

PANDORA: Thanks for asking that. Due to the nature of crypto we will be taking a minimal amount of data from users as privacy is very important. The user will be able to connect their wallet to their account and they can choose to have this publicly known or leave it as anonymous (by default). The tokens earned ingame will all automatically be sent only to the wallet linked to the account and no further information will be required or used. We will also not store any identifiable data once the game is live.

ONESHOT: The next question is from @mylhe

As you are featuring weekly challenges, ranking matches, build & battle, and a lottery system in Pandora. So can you explain more about the mechanism of each feature in Pandora? How does each feature works and how it gives a better rewards to players or users?

PANDORA: Weekly challenges will be events held and hosted by the game team that will be open to all players and will reward the winners (there can be multiple) with tokens as well as those who participated. The building and battling system allows for the PVP elements of the game. Your base will be built on allocated land you own in game which can later be sold or traded. The battles can be between different players as well as AI in the game and battling with players can allow you to loot them and a similar function is implemented for the AI battles. The more active a player is the more opportunities they have to earn in the game.

ONESHOT: The last winner is from @trcbi43217539

How do your team make Pandora becomes more attractive to customer? What are the advantages of Pandora compare to other NFT games?

PANDORA: One of the main advantages is our game is fairly soon going to be ready to launch whilst most games are scheduled for late next year if not 2023. To make it more attractive we have built the game as a game first and not just another way for people to make money. Those who love games will enjoy the many experiences Pandora’s vast world has to offer and at the same time be paid for doing it. I strongly believe this will make us stand out as players will continually return as each time they load into the game it will be a new experience :). Thank you for the question.

ONESHOT: That’s was the last question from Twitter.

Now is the segment that most people are waiting for.

In this segment, I’ll open the chat to recieve questions from community. Kindly choose 5 ones to answer @michaelsummer

ONESHOT: Your turn now @michaelsummer

PANDORA: Wow that was amazing thank you everyone for all the questions its going to be hard to choose the 5.

ONESHOT: I think they all prepared for this moment !

PANDORA: Haha i think so too just selecting some now .

ONESHOT: Ok take it easy. We’re all waiting for your answers.

COMMUNITY: Most investors only focus on the price of short term instead of the real value of the project. Can you tell me the benefits for long-term for project investors?

PANDORA: This was extremely important to us as a team that’s why we have spent the past 12 months working on the project mostly out of passion and without a wage at times. However we knew we were onto a unique concept and have worked hard to ensure the game will last for the years to come. We are going to regularly have updates and take on community feedback for changes and gameplay features. Additionally long term holders will be rewarded with special items amongst other things that I cannot reveal yet .

COMMUNITY: Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project? thank you….Is your project listed on coingecko and coinmarketcap or not ?

PANDORA: Sure we have a very well equipped team creating the project, our team page on the site gives an overview of the background but we have worked at various game studios including THQ, Ubisoft, 11 Bit studios and myself Gameloft. All of us combined have worked on previous games beforehand leading us to know what makes a good or a bad project. The full development team also have degrees in Computer Science and Game Development. Yes once the token is released we will it listed across both platforms and many others !

COMMUNITY: Important Question: How Can I Do My Research About Your Project? Do You Have Any Whitepaper Released And Can You Provide Me All The Social Media Links And Blogs?

PANDORA: Our website is Pandoras.world, on here you will find many pictures and videos of gameplay that will provide you a lot more in-depth information about our project, substantially more than i can do today in our short AMA :). Additionally you can join our telegram @PandoraBSC for even more up-to-date information.

COMMUNITY: Hackers are very active in the market and almost every day we hear about another hack attack. Can you please provide some information about the security arrangements for your project? How safe is investor funding? Do you already have an audit?

PANDORA: Auditing process will be completed Q1 2022 to ensure all those playing the game have no worries !

COMMUNITY: Do you consider community feedback/requests during the creation process to expand on new ideas for your project? Many projects fail because they do not understand the target audience and customers. So I want to know who is the ideal consumer for your product?

PANDORA: Great question yes all feedback is extremely valuable and that’s why we will host and Alpha and Beta before release as well as create a forum for you the players to suggest new features and ideas. There is no current ideal player for us as we want everyone to enjoy so we have made the game very user friendly as well as enjoyable for the causal and avid gamers. Im sure everyone who enjoys playing and sort of game where they can create their own version of themselves and explore a digital world will enjoy what we have been working on.

Thank you all for such great questions i wish i had the time to answer them all.

ONESHOT: Congratulations to all winner.

With those 5 answers, I would like to announce that the AMA is here to end !

Do you have something to say to our community? @michaelsummer

PANDORA: Thank you all for having me today, it was great being here and hearing from you all. I do wish i had the time to answer everyone but if you want to learn more about us make sure to join our telegram and follow us on Twitter. The release is right around the corner now !

ONESHOT: Allright, I declare the ONESHOT VENTURES AMA with PANDORA has ended.

To the members, thank you for following this event to the end. winners will be announced soon.

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