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On 28th Febuary, ONESHOT Ventures has a Telegram AMA with Metria Network.

PLACE : https://t.me/oneshotventures_chat
TIME : 2 PM UTC | 9 PM (UTC +7) | 13th April 2022
Airdrop : $100

ONESHOT: Hello everyone, we’re now getting ready to have our AMA with OOKEENGA today. The chat will be muted during the AMA and you’ll be able to talk again once it’s finished.

@Likn_river Thanks for joining us today! We’re very excited to have you here!

OOKEENGA: I’m happy to be here with you guys ^^

ONESHOT: Please type “done” at the end of your answers in case that I jump in too early !

To start the AMA, we’ll turn to segment 1: Introduction.

Please introduce yourself (as a speaker) and tell us more about your project and team behind it? @Likn_river

OOKEENGA: Hi everybody, I’m Tao Tuan Linh, founder, and CEO of CROS game studio. I’ve experienced 15 years in Design, Animation, and Game Development and I have been producing games with my own studio for 7 years.

Cros Game Studio (https://crosgames.com/) is a team of 30 people having 10 years of making games together and are now full-time on the OKG.
Also, we have Spores network (https://spores.app/) (our incubator) with us and they have 15 people with full experience in blockchain technology. So on the OKG, we are quite confident that we have enough weapons to go into the battle.

About our project, OKG is a Real-time Strategy NFT game with 3D graphics developed by CROS Studios.

When starting the idea of OKG, we chose the strategy genre because we wanted to be different from the RPG genres that most of the NFT games on the market are doing today. In addition, 3d technology is selected to help increase the value of the product as well as increase the aesthetic value and also to make a difference in the current 2d game on the gamefi market.

Further, the choice of 3d technology also promises to expand the product’s directions to VR or AR platforms in the future.

ONESHOT: What was your source of inspiration and rationale behind writing the story of Ookeenga?

OOKEENGA: My father is a biologist – did a Ph.D. on mosquito :))
So I grow up taught about the animal world and used to be so curious about the animal world. This boy is still inside me I guess.

Ookenga story reflects my childhood memory and dedicated to my father (in fact I start wrote this story in hospital when my father was sick)
besides that as an artist, I love the world of Shaun Tan (Australian book author and illustrator) where fulls of strange creatures represent real-life issues metaphorically. Then also as a game designer, I love the world of Amanita design(Cezch game studio). I love the way they build their game from simple things but still tell an amazing story and attract people.

So with those inspirations and as a dreamer i myself want to have myown story, tell people about an fantasy insect world.

You can explore our story on this link: https://ookeenga.io/lore

Read the lore then you can find the combination between sicence fact and fantasy novel style.

ONESHOT: Who are your Stategic partners/backers/advisors? How do they support your project?

OOKEENGA: Our incubator is Spores Network. It is a GameFi/Metaverse launchpad and incubator. Their founders have very strong-background and really well-connected. As an established crypto project, they helped us with raising funds, marketing, go-to-market strategy and blockchain implementation.

Some of our investors are SVC, Exnetwork, 18Ventures, ZBS Capital and Coincu. They are all experienced and crypto focused VCs and have been with us from the start of the project. We have been lucky to have their trust and support. They provides us advices, network and also marketing & community support.

We have also onboarded many game guild, namely Good Game Guild, Meta Gaming Guild, Apio Gaming Guild, PathDAO and many more are in discussion. They will help us a lot with the marketing and community. Also they’re gonna be an indispensable part of the game ecosystem in the future.

For launchpad, we have already got Trustpad confirmed for the IDO. And Spores Network launchpad, of course.

ONESHOT: Can you let us know about the upcoming events?

OOKEENGA: Sure. We will have stacked April and May coming at us with lots of upcoming events.
Let’s start with the INO. So we will have INOs on many launchpads to sell the NFT which named Genesis Cocoon. The Cocoon then can be unboxed to get the hero with random rarity.

The time of INO will be as follows:
– Babylon 18th April
– Spores 20th
– GGG metaversePad 20th
– Enjinstarter 21th
– Ookeenga community 22nd
– Acestarter 5th May

After that, on 6th of May, we will release the mini game so users can experience the heroes and also the land feature in the future. Many more exciting events will come later in May like the alpha test, the IDO but I would like to keep them secret for now.

Please follow our website and social channels to keeptrack with our updates and progress.

ONESHOT: How can I join the INO ?

OOKEENGA: To join INO it’s quite easy. You need to go to the launchpad and fill in the whitelist/registration form. Then you stake the launchpad token to get VIP tier to join VIP round for guaranteed buying chance. Or you can wait to join the FCFS round to buy.

Do remember that each launchpad has its specific rule so you need to follow its rule to make sure you’re eligible for the sale.

ONESHOT: What can I do with the NFT from INO?

OOKEENGA: It’s quite standard.

If you’re a gamer and wants to play the game, you can hold it and wait for the mini game and beta test to play the game with it, after unboxing the cocoon and getting your hero, of course.

If you’re a trader and want to trade it, you can put it on a secondary market to sell, whether it’s in the form of cocoon or hero.

The rarer the hero, the higher the price will be. If you’re a game guild, you will want to buy a bag of them and use it for the scholarship later.

ONESHOT: Will there be any futher releases with new NFT or maps? (or items in game)

OOKEENGA: In the future, we will add another feature called “Land”.

Each land is a NFT item. It has a position in the OKG world. Different tiers of land depend on it feature: area of land, resource, hero power affect….

A Village can be built on the land, players can decorate both by construct tools and items purchased from the marketplace. (using construct tool to create decorative item then trade on market or bring in the battle to just show off)

– Players can open their village to people to visit or close for their own.
– Players can earn resources from these lands it own
– Players can also earn more tokens and resources by conquering the mines, forests, fields on the OKG world. (Only for landowner and renter)
– Land can be for lease. The renter have change to go to the OKG world to earn more resource

We believe this new interesting and profitable feature will keep the player retention for a long time.

ONESHOT: Where can we find more about Ookeenga?

OOKEENGA: Join our tribe and follow us on our social channels to update all the exciting activities in the future:

ONESHOT: OK Thanks sir

We just finished part 1

Continuing with part 2

Part 2 : Questions In Website

ONESHOT: Can you explain what makes Ookeenga P2E NFT different from other competitors in the NFT GameFi industry? What’s the unique value of proposition that your product bears?


The difference between OKG and other NFT games is that other nft games focus on “Play to Earn,” OKG focus on “Play,” and “Earn,” our “Play” value is equivalent to the “Earn” value.

So, Ookeenga is an Nft game project that we created to bring players 2 central values, “Play” and “Earn”:
– With the “play”: Players will experience a highly entertaining game product, attractive gameplay, eye-catching graphics, a good storyline, and players will be involved in a world full of fantasy…
– With the “earn”: Players can not only play a game product with high art and entertainment, but players can also earn money from the game through collecting tokens and items for purchase and trading
Apart from that, we will further develop gameplay and strategy to create a level of diversity for players in the future. From there, the player will have a particular investment more for the game, provide entertainment value and provide earn value correctly.

ONESHOT: Many P2E games make the mistake of focusing too much on economics and not on gameplay or aesthetics, do you consider Ookeenga to be flashy and entertaining enough to be interesting even if there were no rewards for playing? Can it be played by beginners in NFTs and crypto?

OOKEENGA: Like I said before, The use of 3D technology is to ensure the aesthetics and differentiates OKG from most of the NFT games in the current market. In addition, 3D technology is also the basis for OKG to adapt to VR/AR in the future. And hopefully, we will own the 3D metaverse at some point.

Also, our game philosophy is to create an easy to play but hard to master the game. The beginners can immediately grasp the gameplay but it would take time to explore the strategy for the best playing experience and prove yourself in the field.

ONESHOT: Part 3: Questions from Twitter
Are you ready ? There will be 3 questions

ONESHOT: Since #Ookeenga is a battle strategy game and as players can fight each other, can alliance be form between players to help defend themselves against others?
From @Alon14091″

OOKEENGA: So, in our next feature – Land, gaming guild or players alliance can support each other to play. This is the most exciting feature in the game is the OKG world feature. With it, people can build their village and really own the benefits from their land. But it doesn’t stop at “owning”. You can also explore the vast and exciting OKG world, either conquering the mine or joining hunting activities to get more resources. With this competitive mechanism between players, you can only imagine how much fun you can have in the OKG world unless you join the game!

This is a little sneak peek for you all 😉 HERE

ONESHOT: The next question is pretty good 😊

On your website it is mentioned that “Beta Test” will be launched. So, How can we help as Beta testers? Is the test limited to a certain number of users or is it available to all? Can Beta testers suggest additional features besides reporting bugs and providing feedback?

From @Sojibah34480696

OOKEENGA: We will have a slot for beta test for the community participating in the project and players who have purchased INO and IDO, but this number is balanced to ensure the quality of the game.

Moreover, we would be happy if beta testers could provide the game development team with new ideas and notify us about bugs during the project experience.

ONESHOT: The next question is also the last question for part 3

Will conduct the upcoming #IDO on Poolz. Why did you choose this platform and are there any plans to IDO on the other platforms in the near future? Kindly share your token nomics and its utility within the ecosystem. What are the benefits of your holders?

From @Rajvir11660243

OOKEENGA: I don’t know where you get the info from but we won’t have IDO on Poolz. We have 2 launchpads secured for now which are Spores Network and Trustpad. Also we are discussing with other launchpads for IDO, but not Poolz.

About tokenomics and token utility:
Ookeenga Token (OKG) are a BEP-20 governance token for the Ookeenga universe. OKG holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in key governance votes.

Players will also be able to earn $OKG when they engage in various activities within the game. $OKG is used for the following purposes:

– Staking: Holders can stake $OKG with APY level determined based on TVL (Total value lock) and current $OKG price.
– Marketplace trading: $OKG is used for making purchases, sales, and rentals of NFTs on Marketplace.
– Buy NFT: $OKG is used for buying limited NFTs through periodic sales.
– Events: $OKG is used to reward tournaments and special events

Our key goal is to:
– Reward players for playing with Ookeenga while incentivizing them to hold on to their tokens so they can claim additional rewards.
– Decentralize the ownership and governance of Ookeenga.


OK We will start part 4 : Questions In Free Asking

COMMUNINITY: Can you list 1-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

OOKEENGA: Yeah, The OKG project has many features to attract players, such as:
– Breeding feature: This feature can help players breeding new heroes from 2 two heroes that the player already own
– PVP feature: The arena where players can competitive and show their skills against other players
– Land and farm feature: The verse of OKG. Players will own land, build territories and receive passive income resources.
In other words, OKG is where players can play and earn, not play to earn. These factors will make OKG a game in its own right, the core purpose of gaming – entertainment. We should be excited to play a game, not just make money from it. We are Cros studio happy to be here today wwith you guy to introduce the Ookeenga game

COMMUNITY: Please give us some details about your roadmap going forward, How do you plan to onboard users and gain more adoption?

OOKEENGA: We have drawn very specific roadmap for players and investors to keep track on. Knowing the users’ desires and, we create enough amount of new game update in both gameplay and earning activities, so the players will never get bored of the game, and still have plenty ways to make money all the time.

Let’s take a look at our road map here. Recently, we have done Characters Concept, Core Combat Develop, Whitepaper. And next week we will have INO event, so don’t miss out these chances by joining our community.

ONESHOT: Yeah, very good questions🤟

COMMUNITY: And how can such an NFT get into your collection, for this you need to fulfill some specific conditions? Can we see a few of the NFTs from your collection?

OOKEENGA: This is a sneak peak for out Genesis Heroes NFT in next week INO event. Please look forward for our INO event and join our community to update all the news 😉 VIDEO HERE

COMMUNITY: NFT is very hot trend now, do you pretend to catch up with this trend or still follow and focus your original roadmap?

OOKEENGA: Compared with NFT games already on the market, I think the Ookeenga project has the advantage of being a later project, so it has learned a lot of experience and valuable lessons from previous projects—redundancy, development, and limiting risks as well as mistakes.

When NFT game projects exploded, we did not try to do it fast to follow the market trend, but we spent all our time and resources to prepare the best in all aspects for the project.

So yeah, we will stick to our original roadmap 😉

COMMUNITY: OKG concept is “Play and have fun” instead of “Play to earn”, however many of today’s gamers no longer play for fun but to earn more than the initial ROI. How can you change this perspective?

OOKEENGA: We want to change the perspective of gamers about gamefi world that it’s not always about the money when you think of web 3 games, it still can be fun and carefully produced with passion. For us, game lovers, the core purpose of gaming is entertainment. We should be excited to play a game, not just make money from it.

ONESHOT: It’s great, thank you for accompanying and answering questions from the community

Would you like to say anything more to the community before the end of this AMA session @Likn_river

OOKEENGA: I’m glad to be here with you guys 🙂 thanks for amazing ama. Please remember to join our Community to join the INO and IDO event upcoming 😉

ONESHOT: Thank You Very Much😘

Join the social networks about the ookeenga project for more information about the upcoming IDO, INO

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