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On 24th April ONESHOT Ventures has a Telegram AMA with PLANT EXODUS

PLACE : https://t.me/oneshotventures_chat
TIME : 1 PM UTC | 8 PM (UTC +7) | 24th April 2022
Airdrop : $100
Great, the AMA will be happening as follows:

Question 1: On behalf of the team and the project, I would like to ask Mr. Ha Minh Nham, CTO, to introduce himself and the Plant Exodus project briefly ^^ I don’t know where I got the idea to establish the source. eh?

Hello everyone, I’m Ha Minh Nham – CTO of Plant Exodus project.
First, Plant Exodus’ Vietnamese name is Grass Tree Exodus. The word Exodus is taken from the Bible, the story of God freeing the Jews from slavery and leading them to the promised land of freedom.
The world of Plant Exodus is the world of plants, with 9 tribes, Grips, striped leaves, rocks …. being oppressed by insects. The player will be the one to lead all species to the promised land “the promised land”, after which a new world will open. That world will be revealed in phase 2 of the project.

Question 2: Could you please introduce the project and its highlights?

In the early stages, Plant Exodus is a turn-based RPG NFT 3D game with an open story and extremely diverse gameplay.
The world of Plant Exodus currently includes 5 main earning activities: Fighting (PVE, PVP, Tournament), Breeding breeding, Crafting upgrading in-game items, acquiring land ownership through the Landing system as well as NFT Marketplace , Staking
The game is built with an open market with the Sharing Economy model, with many ways to earn and help users build their own business models: become Breeder breed NFT heroes and sell on Marketplace, go Craft Upgrade items to exchange in-game items, use Land to share profits, participate in community Scholarships and more.
All features are designed for the money to flow in the economy and not out, so that all value and profits are retained for PEXO holders and for users who contribute value to the project. .
Game Plant Exodus is a game born later than other NFT projects, but that is not a weakness, but we have learned a lot of lessons in balancing the economy in the game, sending it to players. a better, more complete game.
Plant Exodus has a completely new Gacha box control system for earning. Ensuring the stability of the economy in the long run, Gacha Box and Breeding NFT will be the two main features that will help Plant Exodus control inflation and help players earn in-game earnings in a balanced and long-term way. .

Question 3: Can you share the meaning of the game name and the character images?

The meaning of the game name I have introduced above, you can follow it again.
The idea of ​​the main character comes from COO Nguyen Hoang Anh.
He wanted to design a game with cute characters but the main heroes in the rebellion against the monster enemies. Shroomies may seem less powerful, but this is a tribe with Special Damage Skills with super intelligence.
One tree should not be young, three trees together make a high mountain. When the mushrooms seem weak, but when they form a powerful army, it will be different. This is our message to Plant Exodus players.

Question 4: A lot of projects are always talking about their strengths, while their token or coin price is always going down. As one of the leaders of Plant Exodus, would you dare say the difficulties that Plant Exodus is facing and how long it will take to overcome it?

As you can see, this is a delayed project, we accept to go through different stages of the market to focus on perfecting the product. We want Plant Exodus to be a good game and be fully prepared when it comes out, Not a hit product or a scam, launch the game and leave it, but have a solid foundation later.
In the future, we can completely integrate new technology like AR/VR, expand into Open world and also integrate other games, other studios into the ecosystem. If the market corrects, it is an opportunity for the team to prove its vision, perfect the product, develop its features, and increase its intrinsic value to wait for the next wave. Everything needs a process, Axie also took many years to build before achieving the success it is now.
On the positive side, the time of adjustment after the fomo wave will help purge many projects, investors are very smart, they will slowly understand where the project has a vision, which also helps us. There are more users and players are also benefited because the joining price is cheaper.

Question 5: Can you tell us about your token and what incentives are available to investors when buying tokens of the Plant Exodus project?

$PEXO is the project’s main coin, the project’s governance token. The total supply of PEXO coins is up to 1,000,000,000 tokens and there will be no more production. PEXO will take on major purchases such as buying and selling NFT Hero, breeding, buying Land, upgrading,…
The price of the $PEXO token is kept at $0.025 from the Private Sale round to the Public Sale. Core teams have received a lot of great offers to order $PEXO for x4, x5 from Ventures in the past year 2021 but Plant Exodus said no.
The reason the Private price is equal to the Public sale price and there are no price incentives is because the Plant Exodus team wants to keep the rights and fairness for the users and investors of the project.
We want to go a long way, creating value for the community as well as future games in the Plant Exodus ecosystem. So there will be no Plant Exodus selling $PEXO out at a higher price or more incentives to make a profit.
And if you are interested, at this time, Plant Exodus is opening IDO for PEXO. We sold out the pool on RedKite in less than 1 hour, and on the lucky day, Plant Exodus will continue to open IDO on My Meta Farm. Those who are interested in the opportunity to buy $PEXO can see it here: https://www.facebook.com/plantexodusofficial/posts/118954100778164

Thank you. End of part 1.
Part 2: Question from Website.
Question 1: What methods does Plant Exodus use to prevent fraudulent users who want to fraudulently profit? Also, is it allowed to use multiple accounts in this game?

Surely everyone is also interested in security issues, is the game safe to invest anymore, right?
We also learned many of the above lessons from the market when many nft games encountered a situation of hacked wallets, hacked accounts. Currently, the team has a strong dev team, including Mr. Le Yen Thanh, on the Forbes Under 30 list in 2021.
I – CTO of the project, also have many years of experience working at large corporations like VTC Game, building up many famous traditional games.
We are the ones who directly write the first lines of code, so we have set up security mechanisms from the beginning, ensuring the safety of assets for players. Many NFT games now buy available source code, so it is more difficult to handle security.
Moreover, the smart contract lock is public in accordance with tokenomics, you can check it on bscscan, this avoids the situation of hacking tokens and sneaking out, affecting the token price and investors’ interests. All have been audited by experts, so you can rest assured.
A user can play multiple accounts to maximize profits, but the game also has many attractive gameplay features that help players make a lot of profit.

Question 2: I know I’m not a good gamer, but can I still make money from Plant Exodus? Do you only focus on users who are gamers or do you also focus on users who are interested in profitable investments? If so, how can non-gaming users make money on Plant Exodus?

Plant Exodus has a Marketing strategy that is to reach both traditional gamers as well as NFT gamers. In the game, the economy is tightly built, present in daily actions (in-game daily activites) such as Breeding, Questing, Battle. Players can both enjoy the gameplay of Plant Exodus and earn money from those activities.
We want players to enjoy our gameplay with fine detailed 3D graphics, and enjoy the money-making activities with the Breeding feature to breed the new NFT hero, or open the Gacha Box to receive parts. Very rare gift.
If users do not play the game, they can absolutely earn a huge amount of money from Plant Exodus. First, they can Staking like other games. After that, you can be a Breeder, breed NFT heroes and sell them on Marketplace. If players have a good network, they can participate in the Affiliate program with huge commission offers.
In general, the gameplay and earnings of Plant Exodus have grown significantly since its first launch, we are confident that we can bring a complete game with enough features for every player to enjoy the game in the best way. .

End of part 2.
Question 1: Many games today charge high fees to start the game and thus start with a small player base. @PlantExodus is there an entry fee or initial requirement and if so what is it? Do I need to hold NFT or hold some tokens to enjoy and play @PlantExodus?

Players who enter the game only need $ 150 to buy 1 NFT Hero, this is not too high a price for most users, now you can join PvE to earn $ HOA.
If users with capital barriers can join the NFT Airdrop we are running https://gleam.io/mnHx2/superlisting-airdrop-concept for a chance to use the free NFTs

Or participating in Scholarship is a feature that is being created, which can be roughly called the Job Market. Where rich players (who own a lot of NFTs) or Gaming Guild, can rent these NFTs, players with no conditions can rent and pay through sharing the benefits obtained in the game.
Or players with many friends and acquaintances, can use the Affiliate feature. Similar features will be gradually released by the project over time to serve more players.
So there is no need to own or invest from the beginning, you can also experience the gameplay of Plant Exodus

Question 2: There are 3 different game modes in Plant Exodus. So will we have to pay a fee to enter these modes? What features and rewards does each mode offer?

As answered in the above question, players may not need capital to still participate in the game. 90% of the treasury pool will go back to the user’s wallet. The rewards will be huge for players.
In PVE mode, there are 9 maps with 10 levels and 3 different game modes such as easy, medium, hard. It will take players 1 year to explore all these maps.
In PVP, we will release a Ranking System with similar matchmaking and leaderboard.
In addition, we also have Clan War and Tournament to enhance community activity and promotion.

Question 3: I pay attention to the revenue model before investing and participating in a project. What is your revenue model? How do you run #PlantExodus without interruption? How do you ensure that players won’t be affected by revenue model related issues?

Plant Exodus is the Sharing Economy. In-game activities will generate cash flow, and 90% of that money will flow back to the Treasury Pool, helping to promote in-game movements, tournament tournaments, as PVP rewards.
With a core team with extensive experience in the game development industry, we ensure that PE’s gameplay is truly captivating and players can go a long way with the game, year on year.
We also thought about many difficult problems when the project started to take shape, here are some solutions to the problems we proposed:
– Handling economic and inflation problems by anti-inflation mechanism, gacha box
– Handling security problems by hand code, carefully audited by a team of experts
– Solve the gameplay problem by gradually perfecting the Metaverse gameplay phase 2
Because the game has a lot of economic subjects, cash flows are circulated and used,
– Players invest in upgrading: Must consume game resources through , Breeding, Upgrade, Evolve….
– Players who do not upgrade: there is stability, but it is very difficult to get into the game, less chance to win big prizes, basically everyone wants more income after breaking even, so the need to use the second coin always exists.

End of part 3.
Last part: Direct question from Telegram.

Do you plan to build partnerships with local crypto development projects in each country to make the project more global?

Not only focusing on the Vietnamese market, we also focus on international media and communites to bring the project around the world. I think the taste in any country is the same, if only focusing on one object, it is difficult to meet the needs of other objects. So we focus on sustainability and steer the economy in our own way, so that all multinational players benefit, both recreationally and economically.
Currently, Plant Exodus is working with many partners with the common goal of developing the community of both parties

Can you tell us about your long-term plans? What you are doing now? and what strategy will be used to expand globally

We want to build a game with a long life cycle.

In phase 1 of the project, players will experience a turn-based RPG by buying NFT heroes and collecting enough troops to fight the maps. In phase 2, we want to develop the Landing feature, which can be combined with some other famous NFT games on the market to join this metaverse. At that time, the game’s NFT Plant Hero also has other outstanding functions, which I will reveal after phase 2 is released to the community.

We will hold a Super Listing Event on April 26th. While the market doesn’t seem to support us the best, we are committed to our game and focused on our users and community.

Many projects have issues with UI/UX and this shuts down new users. How do you plan to improve interactions with new users and with users outside of the crypto space?

As shared, the game was scheduled to be delayed once at the end of last year. Since then, we have focused on improving the UX/UI, gameplay, and anti-inflation mechanisms in more detail so that we can release the complete game to the community.

Would it not be a bad decision to launch the project in this bear market? Every penny goes down whether good or bad. How do you see this?

On the positive side, the time of adjustment after the fomo wave will help purge many projects, investors are very smart, they will slowly understand where the project has a vision, which also helps us. There are more users and players are also benefited because the joining price is cheaper. It is often said that the tide is low to know who is wearing pants or not?
– It’s still a long way from the point of saturation of the game market, which has accelerated continuously in the past 10 years, obviously gamefi is not a trend, there will be people who want to be entertained through games or not, but the desire to make money is desirable. everyone’s wish.
For us, the price of PEXO is always cheap compared to our vision.
– When the market goes down, that’s when the products that survive will prove their quality.

Congratulations to the members who selected the question .
End of part 4.

Thank you to everyone who attended the AMA with Plant Exodus today.
Everyone can follow the official information channels of the project through the following links:
Website: https://www.plantexodus.com
Whitepaper: https://plantexodus.gitbook.io/whitepaper
Telegram: https://t.me/PlantExodusOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlantExodus
Discord: https://discord.gg/eujp67BREW
Global Community: https://t.me/PlantExodusCommunity
Vietnam Community: https://t.me/PlantExodusCommunityVN

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