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On 23th April ONESHOT Ventures has a Telegram AMA with METAELF LAND

PLACE : https://t.me/oneshotventures_chat
TIME : 12:30 PM UTC | 7:30 PM (UTC +7) | 23th April 2022
Airdrop : $100
Great, the AMA will be happening as follows:

Hello everyone, we’re now getting ready to have our AMA with METAELF LAND today. The chat will be muted during the AMA and you’ll be able to talk again once it’s finished.
To start the AMA, we’ll turn to segment 1: Introduction.
Can you introduce yourself to all users?

OK, I’m the COO of metaelfland
my name is neko
Accept the invitation and come here to be AMA

Can you describe MetaElf Land in general?

MetaElfLand, following the way of AXIE, hopes to lead the further development of GameFi & Play to Earn(P2E) and becomes the mark of new fashion in the NFT game.
With its built-in P2E mechanism, the game makes players’ interactions much long lasting. Moreover, through the IDO platform, with players together we expand the Pet Metaverse project , which is our focus of further development. Similar to Pokemon, MetaElfLand is a half-round and half-instant game on chain.
Our Players can buy or breed a variety of MetaElves, and by forming teams, our player in game can widely take advantages in the game through PVE adventure (Daily tasks), PVP, and TMT(E-Sports).

Please tell me what you want the MetaElf Land project to achieve in 2022 and beyond?

The Plan for [Game as A Service]
MetaElfland’s vision is to adopt the Game as A Service model. Over time, new features will be announced and introduced. In addition to the current game mechanisms, players will be able to earn from selling ElfLand, furnitures, and other consumables in the extended game through Pet Metaverse
ElfLand is game in which players, in the future, can take part in various activities, including all kinds of consumptions inside the Metaverse game. In the planning of MetaElfLand, players can jointly build the Elf future home.
Through our official SDK released in the future, our players can design their own land construction, and the building of homeland [NFT can be created]. Furthermore, players can have priority to get incomes from their home building, and enjoy a variety of simulation games. [For example: Elf Restaurant, Elf Homeland]
The Plan for [GameFi as A Service]
We will create a MetaSoft IDO platform and part of the proceeds will be used to buy back the MELT/BNC and send it to the burnt address.
Through the IDO platform under construction by MetaSoft, MetaElfLand will have more cooperative promotion channels in the future. Further, we will bring more game partners to MetaSoft’s IDO platform to launch new projects, so as to jointly promote each other’s game projects.
Introduction to the MetaSoft IDO Trading Market
Auction Section, Trading Section, Game Prediction Section, LP Farm Section and NFT Staking Pool Section (Five Sections in Total)
•Prediction on E-sports Results
The MetaSoft platform will develop an interesting and simple decentralized forecasting market. Users can bet on their vision for rewards. Users can use their knowledge or intuition from the experience of forming teams in MetaElfLand to predict which team will win the championship in an E-sports event. If player predicts correctly, he/she will get a part of the prize pool as award! The odds are automatically revised based on the player’s bet.

So tell us more about MetaElf Land development team?

Our core team is composed of various professionals including,
Jason Kwok – Certified Practicing Accountant. My area of expertise focus on financial advise in regards to Property & Facility management.
Silvia Chou
North American Actuary, many years of experience working with big data and complex pricing models, Top scorer in college entrance examination in China back in 2004.
Kevin Lu: An investment Specialist and Early Binance Angel ICO Investor
Jackie Wong – Former Binance Consultant
Darren Chou- Former IBM Technical Director, Noah Song – GameFi Marketing Expert in Korea. Kidd Li, Allen Shen – Sophisticated Game Developer
They are all with top-notch expertise, holding prestigious positions and degrees as well as broad experience and extensive knowledge in their fields.

Can you tell me about any of your recent partnerships that have assisted your project? Is there going to be a partnership in the near future?

MetaElfland’s game development is almost completed, and is currently under polishing phase to make it with better game experience. The game is expected to launch in mid-May. Kindly stay tuned for further plan
Partners, our waterdrop investment agency, and some game unions
Another strong partner, which we will announce later, is strategic cooperation

With this answer, Part 1 of the AMA has been closed. I believe that everyone has had an overview of your team and MetaElfland’s game !
To go into more detail, we’ll come to Part 2: Answer the questions from Website.
NFT Games is such a trend nowadays.But not every game is good enough to attract investor.Most of investor only care about buying and selling token to make a profit instead of playing the game. So how can you make investors actually play MetaElf Land game?What is your biggest strength?

Thanks to the valuable experience learnt from Axie & other games on chain . We found out that no matter how graphic, entertaining, and interactive a project is, without the proper design of the economic system, they will be bound to fail.
Therefore our team have done so many research in advance before the development of ‘MetaElfLand’. In terms of Economic Model, we mainly focus on the following points
1) Proper NFT Replacement Mechanism.
2) Proper Repurchase Mechanism of Utility Token & Governance Token.
3) Controllable Production & Consumption Mechanism.
4) Extended use case for NFT (Ex: Elf Land Feature, Tipping Function in MetaSoft Social Media Platform & Pet Metaverse)
5) Proper GameFi Surrounding Support Mechanism (Through IDO Platform)
For further inquiry of competitive advantages or variances between traditional GameFi & MetaElfLand, Kindly please refer to our finding from the following link.

Furthermore, in order to maintain a sustainable economic, vary sophisticated mechanism will be implemented such as but not limited to the following:
•Health Mechanism

•Stamina Mechanism

•NFT Burning / NFT Replacement Mechanism

•Breed Limitations

•Gene Level System

•Dynamic Consumption & Production Formula

MELT Buyback and Burn Mechanism
25% of in-game consumption will either be burned or used to re-purchase BNC in order to maintain the deflationary nature of MetaElfLand economic model.
NFT Leasing Mechanism (will be available in second stage)
•Pet Metaverse – Extension of NFT use case (will be available in second stage)
•Actively Seek for NFT Sponsor from Other Game. [Provide more benefit to MetaElfland’s players]

•E-Sports – Further burn MELT Mechanism

To express our warm welcome message to our valuable players, we are building a game participation process general guideline for our player easy reference, such as but not limited to the following
1) Blockchain Basics
2) Wallet Tutorial Guideline
3) How to Start ‘MetaElfLand’ Guideline
For those players who would like to understand MetaElfLand’s P2E Mechanism, Ex: Strategy, Game Walkthrough, Economic Cycle and Tokenomic will all be well explained in the following link.


Furthermore, we have several short video to introduce the major gameplay of MetaElfLand.

As the times go by, our common question & answer will be extended and we believe it can provide a convenient way for our players to quickly get to understand MetaElfLand more easily.

You have Said that Many P2E Games are called “CLICK TO EARN” , Will You Please Tell me More about this and Do You think that Mostly P2E games are Very Boring , So How MetaElf Land will be Different from them ?

Axie is a great game project, which provide a lot of valuable lesson to MetaElfLand. Our advantage over Axie is 3D graphic, sophicated E-Sports mechisum and more focus on services surrounding the game [Such as the establishment plan of a social media platform, Interaction with non-blockchain player, Support from future MetaSoft IDO platform, a decentralized E-Sports Prediction Market etc.
MetaElfLand competitve advantages are listed below:
We believe the demand of the GameFi market is generally P2E. Tokens & NFT Prices are the face value of MetaElfLand, thus, we have tailored make a unique economic system (Addressing the sustainability relationship between three of them), with the great contribution from Silvia – (Our Professional Actuary Member), MetaElfLand aims to present our player an sustainable economic system that will allow the project to be attractive to new and old players in the long run.

For further inquiry, please kindly feel free to visit MetaElfLand Gitbook with the following link.

E-Sports is undeveloped treasure in the market which has many potentials in growing players in long run. Take a game with a $100,000 prize pool for example, players have to buy tokens of equal value to get the tickets in order to enter the match,
whereas the winner’s award/token will be released within eight weeks [Release 12.5% per week]. We believe our E-Sports Arena will contribute MetaElfLand a sustainable user growth in the long run.
For players who care for their achievement in the game, MetaElfLand take it seriously and designs a grading in PVP battle, so players at a specific range of leaderboard can get their rewards.
After completing each PVP challenge, a message is displayed to explain the player’s ranking changes, and this is to satisfy the player’s need for a desire of accomplishment in the game.
MetaElfLand is a leisure game that you can play in the odd few minutes. This allows more people with spare time to come in playing the game.
Nowadays, everyone is living in the fast-paced modern life, sometimes we need a few minutes to relax ourselves. Then, to play a leisure game for distraction is a way to better deal with our lives.
Designed according to our investigation, firstly, one match in MetaElfLand lasts 2-4 minutes. Secondly there is an energy limitation to play the game, once it runs out, players can use MELT to restore the energy and continue to play the game.
For busy players, who don’t want to spend too much energy in the game, MetaElfLand’s simple and automated battle function, make it the best choice of game for their spare time.
We believe that games are not only for fun, but also for connecting with people and making friends. The most important thing is that playing games can improve the quality of our life.
Therefore, MetaSoft makes a strategic equity investment into Show. In the future, with its help, we will build our own social platforms that quickly connect players around the world. Just like in a micro-society, this will allow players to connect and interact in the game and social platform.
[Finally a MELT tipping function will be implemented]

In the near future, MetaSoft will set up our own IDO platform to seek further cooperation with other project parties. More games will be jointly promoted. More diversified benefits will be given to our players. [For example: enables other games’ NFT to be included in the MetaElfLand’s NFT blind box]
Congestion and high gas fees have always been confining various GameFi. To this end, MetaSoft unites a number of professional teams to establish MVC Foundation, and jointly created Metaverse Chain. In the future, MetaElfLand will be implemented and cross-chained to Metaverse Chain, so as to elevate the user‘s game experience further.
In addition to P2E, MetaElfLand also focuses on the continuous improvement of the fair playing field experience in the game. In the future, we may try to set up a non-blockchain server [Reality Server], which will add more fair playing fun for players from cross-servers PVP [Items from Reality Server and Blockchain Server can not be traded and exchanged]

With this answer, Part 2 of the AMA has been closed.
We’ll come to Part 3: Answer the questions from Twitter.

First, I would like to say thank to the members of ONESHOT Community for sending so many questions about METAELF LAND to our Twitter
All questions are very good but we can only choose 3 of them to answer because of time limit!!!

Many games released and releasing everyday. But Other NFT games are currently having difficulties managing the number of NFTs that are inflated in the market, causing their value to be influenced and damaged. So, what is MetaElfLand plan to deal with NFT inflation?

is a good questions
We think the sub currency of the game is BNC token
BNC is the intuitive benefit that players get
Therefore, BNC will inevitably produce inflation
the consumption of BNC is a big problem
If our players produce without restriction and don’t consume, BNC will become more and more in the market, resulting in lower prices
Therefore, we encourage players to consume instead of playing games alone
Players need to consume BNC to breed pets. Players need to consume BNC to upgrade their pets. Players also need to consume BNC to buy some special props
Moreover, we will use the fees generated by melt transaction and the handling fees of TMT arena to buy back BNC
For melt, the main currency, we designed the logic of deflation. Melt is mainly used to provide NFT trading, pet breeding, TMT arena ticket purchase, etc
In addition, we will continue to destroy melt in the transaction and provide pledge activities for players. Reduce circulation rate
And make regulation on the economic model to facilitate the sustainable development of major tokens
For NFT inflation, we need to destroy a certain number of other pets
That is, good attributes are mainly cultivated, and pets with bad attributes are destroyed to upgrade good attributes
Of course, this requires players to make their own choices

I see a lot of NFT games after that gradually the number of players is decreasing, do you have events or constant updates to keep players and make the game easier for them to access?

In the future, we will update pet home, pet racing and other small games, and conduct strategic cooperation with other games
For example, our game can get the props of other games
And we will continue to cooperate with more partners
The update of the game will be updated every month
And provide more game activities so that players can get more benefits.

There are many people who want to make money from Game NFT and so do I, but if you invest a large amount of money in and are not lucky to get what you want, it is very frustrating. Do you have functions or mechanisms to limit these?

What we want most is the long-term development of the game, not the short-term harvest of players. This is unwise. From today’s AMA question answer, players should see that we are really doing things and have plans for possible problems in the later stage
This game is different from other games. After breeding, your pets are likely to become stronger

Or upgrade and evolve stronger
With the extension of your game time, the pet in your hand is no longer the original pet. It will be stronger, produce more revenue and have higher value
This is also the result we want to see
We want every player to get what he wants

That’s was the last question from Twitter.
Now is the segment that most people are waiting for. LIVE QUESTIONS.


At the same time, our community carries out localization publicity in Vietnam, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions

The people we work with are local staff
They know the local market model better than we do,
So you can see the channel classification of different regions in discord community channel
In the future, we will also develop localization in more regions


As for the contract audit, we found a professional company and spent US $6W on the audit. Because there were too many codes, we optimized a large part. Now melt has been deployed and is being tested
And we have a professional blockchain development team. We think we have no defects in this aspect and the team is very successful


This game starts on the BSC chain, but we will cross the chain in the later stage
Such as cross chain to OEC or our own meta chain
Our company has developed a main chain, and this game will be the primary project of this chain at that time
For tokens, the deflation and inflation concept we set up earlier can be viewed on the official website

And we have prepared the plan in case of problems later


About our official community and media
MetaElfLand Community Channel

Official Website: http://metaelfland.com/

Wechat: MetaSoft666

Telegram (Official): https://t.me/metaelflandchannel
Telegram (Korea): https://t.me/MetaElflandkorea
Telegram (Chinese): https://t.me/metaelfland

Telegram (English): https://t.me/MetaElfLandGlobal
Discord: https://discord.gg/uEGmvRWEXS

Twitter: https://twitter.com/metaelfland

Weibo: https://weibo.com/metaelfland

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metaelfland/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metaelfland/

Medium: https://medium.com/@metaelfland


We will add an invitation plan on the official website in the future
And some community activities, players will get certain rewards if they participate in them
Or you provide bug feedback for the game and good suggestions for the game.

We pay great attention to the planning of the community. You can join the community and participate in other activities, such as the current activity prizes and white list. Invite your friends to participate, that is, you will have the opportunity to get the white list reward
The white list can buy a small number of pets in advance and at a preferential price during the pre-sale period
The pre-sale period is about the 5th of next month

Do you have something to say to our community?

Thank you for your valuable time to learn about our games and participate in games and community activities. We won’t let you down, especially the first players

Allright, I declare the ONESHOT VENTURES AMA with MetaElf Land has ended.
To the members, thank you for following this event to the end. winners will be announced soon.

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