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On 21st April ONESHOT Ventures has a Telegram AMA with SUNRISE GAMING BY DAO

PLACE : https://t.me/oneshotventures_chat
TIME : 12 PM UTC | 7 PM (UTC +7) | 21st April 2022
Airdrop : $100
Great, the AMA will be happening as follows:

1. Please introduce yourself (as an author) and tell us more about the project and your team after it?

Hi everyone, I’m Minh Hoang – CEO of Bee Token project. Currently I live and work in London.
I have 10 years of experience in financial investment; used to be a manager in the securities industry in Vietnam – connecting investment funds with businesses; Currently, I invest and operate a number of businesses in the restaurant, retail and technology sectors abroad.
In addition, our team includes Mr. Ho Hieu – CTO in charge of technology; Minh Hai – COO is in charge of operations.
Mr. Hieu and Hai are currently operating a software outsourcing company for partners in the UK; has many years of experience in building and managing large-scale technology projects with the participation of foreign investment funds.
The Beeco project is built on the foundation of a gift card / payment card business that has been operating since 2019 with an average revenue of 1-3 million pounds/month.
Our philosophy is not to try to find a new problem to solve while there are still problems to be solved but not working; so we use blockchain technology to bring in the existing business to solve the existing problems in order to fully exploit the existing market and expand it further.
I would like to introduce briefly about the project:
– The gift card / payment card industry has not really developed strongly in Vietnam, but in European countries and the US, it has grown for a long time with a scale of up to 700 billion USD/year according to analytical reports. .
– We built the Beeco platform to overcome security weaknesses in the field of Gift Cards/Payment Cards. In addition, it also expands new features to make gifts more meaningful. With new features, in addition to the existing meanings, users can earn extra income from creating gifts.
– With our payment card, Crypto users can use to buy any physical products from hundreds of famous brands such as Adidas, H&M, GAP …. without having to convert to fiat currency determined.

2. Who are your Stategic partners/backers/advisors? How do they support your project?

Currently the project is supported by 5 advisors in all major areas;

Mr. Tien Do – Financial consultant support.
Mr. Tien Do used to be a director of Barclays Bank in the UK; Before that, he was a senior manager at BNP France.
Currently, Mr. Tien is managing a private investment fund; is a solution consultant for financial institutions in the UK, USA and Vietnam.

Mr. Hong Anh – technology consulting support. Mr. Hong Anh is currently a senior manager of Meta company (the parent company of facebook). Mr. Hong Anh is famous for his great prizes in Vietnam while studying; After studying abroad, he started a fashion business that won awards in the top startups in the UK.

Mr. The Cuong – legal support. Mr. Cuong is a former international student in Japan; After returning to Vietnam, he worked at foreign banks, then joined the Vietnam Electricity Finance Company. And currently manages his own company to operate projects in Vietnam.

Anh Duy – operation support. Anh Duy is a former deputy general director of Easy Credit – a consumer lending company in Vietnam. Currently managing his own company.

Mr. Tung – marketing support. With 10 years of experience in the marketing industry, used to be the founder of GTV (Game media company in Vietnam) and currently operates AOEcorp company (Consulting and implementing solutions to promote the transition to the new method. pure electric convenience and sustainable energy use in Vietnam). Tung is one of the pioneers in building the e-Sport community in Vietnam in the early days.

Currently the project operates with 1 main dev team; 1 marketing team; 1 sales team and 1 finance team. In addition, we use services provided by partners – 3rd parties.

Our model is different from the current projects on the market; we bring technology into a large operating business with cash flow to operate; Therefore, at the moment we do not respond to investment invitations from investment funds, although it will help improve credibility with the community. However, the product already has enough features to work, so in the next 6 months we will start working with partners and will announce it to the community.

3. Has the project been audited? You talk about the safety of the project – what every investor covets? How strong is your security built?

We signed a cooperation agreement with a relatively large CEX exchange in the US; and are selecting an Audit partner for the entire project – this is the minimum process that must be achieved before being sold to the public according to regulations.
Our token is built on the BSC network; application system deployed on Celo network; The above 2 platforms meet quite well in terms of security;
Our security is consulted by an expert who is currently consulting security for the Singapore government system; we build security systems on the server to protect against automated attacks; At the same time, system parameters are constantly updated and compared to recognize immediately if there are signs of attack so that they can be blocked and remedied immediately.

4. Can you tell us about upcoming BeeToken events?

Currently, the Beeco project has entered the trieernkhai stage for users, and converted users into the new system.
Beeco will implement new features such as P2P exchange; Mystery Box; NFT Gifts in Q2.
Expected plan of BeeToken:
– In April we will organize mini games with prizes up to $5,000 for users to experience the system.
– May 1, will sell 2% tokens in the Pre-sale at the price of $ 0.009.
– June 1 will sell 1% of tokens in the IDO and IEO phase simultaneously at the price of $ 0.015.
– June 3 will list on CEX and DEX with a starting price of $0.017.

5. Why is Beeco the world’s first NFT Gift card?

Gifts always have 2 main values: material value and spiritual value.
Currently, all businesses in the industry are moving towards the business of gift cards with physical value – it is similar to a payment card.
We were the first to introduce NFT technology to refresh products; put more spiritual values on gift cards than old-fashioned pictures/animations.
With NFT technology, we are pioneering in creating interaction between gift givers; the recipient and the community; helping people cultivate better relationships.
In addition, we still retain the material value through converting into payment cards – evouchers for more than 300 famous global brands such as Adidas, H&M, GAP, Old Navy,…

Next we are going to part 2: questions on website

Question 1: Any project at first encounters a lot of difficulties. Did you encounter any difficulties in the process of developing NFT Gift Card?

We want to build an open system so that everyone can be creative with the lowest cost, the best experience; so it’s similar to creating another version of wordpress; this makes the effort poured into technology enormous.
In the process of building the system, we have to decide on the directions for the system to meet the needs of current customers and the technology to be applied; Every choice has its price so it won’t always be 100% perfect.
But everything will be calculated to be as optimal as possible; We will balance security, experience and features so that users get the safest and best product possible.

Question 2: There are many different NFT projects, but why did you choose the NFT Gift Card market as your development direction?

The gift card / payment card market is still very potential;
The more the world develops, the more people will focus on physical health (as Stepn has been doing very well) and mental health – the goal we aim for.
In addition, the payment card function is also a solution for the niche market in the global e-commerce segment; Not everyone can buy and pay for an item across borders with Crypto/bank card.
We choose NFT Gifts because of the features NFT offers, not because of the trend in its transaction price.
You are the recipient of the gift, the gift is unique; you want to receive the gift, you must interact with the giver; maybe they’ll ask you for a fun challenge; or whatever…
We believe that meaningful gifts will be created with the most basic things. And the market price will automatically be generated as more people accept it; Then an NFT market will be born on the ecosystem provided by Beeco.

Next we are going to part 3: questions on twitter

Question 1: Tell more about the tokennomics of the #BeeToken project

Tokenomic is provided in the whitepaper on the project website at beeco.io

I will talk more about what BGC Token is used for and how we create value for BGC

BGC tokens will be encouraged to hold in the wallet to enjoy discounts when converting payment cards.

This is a policy specific to the group of customers who use our app for purchases at a discounted price.

BGC token is used to pay fees when using the P2P feature to sell Bee Gift Cards to earn Stable coins.

P2P feature helps Bee Gift Card recipients can convert into Stable coin like USDT; BUSD as needed

BGC tokens pay to buy NFT Gifts.

NFT GIFts is a product we make so users can create custom GIFs

In addition, there are basic features such as Staking, Farming so that holders can invest BGC.

In Tokenomic, all project funds are listed

Funds for Marketing, Reward & Staking and Reserve will not be actively sold to the market;

They will give priority to selling to users who hold tokens for a discount on payment cards / purchases on BeeMall (ecosystem members).

The selling price is equal to the market price at the time of purchase by the user; do not sell more than 25% of the issuing wallet’s budget to limit the supply of BGC.

Question 2: Currently there are many scam projects on the market. So how does BeeToken create trust for the community about its project?

Currently, there are many Scam projects on the market, and the number of projects coming from Vietnam is very high, so it is easy to understand that creating trust in investors is very difficult.
We aim at long-term goals, so all deposits and vesting policies are aimed at ensuring the safety of retail investors in the market.
Our Private Sale round investors commit to hold at least 50% by Staking feature within 4 years outside of Vesting policy.
Team commits to hold a minimum of 70% within 4 years during the Vesting process.
Project expenses will not be actively sold to affect the price;
The policy is only for users to buy and use as a membership fee that requires holding right on the app by smartcontract (not through the exchange) with the selling price equal to the market price at the time of arising.
Liquidity commits to lock 7% of the total project by a 3rd party; 5% of tokens sold for private sale; 2% for Presale; 1% for IDO and IEO.
Information on smart contracts; team wallets; advisor; of other amounts will be announced on the project’s information page;
And the development team will always represent and accompany the project on all media channels in Vietnam and abroad.

Question 3: Can you share more about BeeToken’s economic model? How BeeToken helps its investors earn profit

We use a simple business model: project to earn and redeem, burn Tokens; create consumption cases with Tokens; Create scarcity for Tokens.
Our payment card partners:
Adidas (UK, US, EU); H&M (UK, US, EU); GAP (UK, US); Oldnavy US; Deliveroo UK; Justeat UK; ….
You can refer to the Convert eVoucher section on App.beeco.io, new partners are being updated continuously.
Our customer:
– People who want to buy goods: payment card conversion feature; Beemall e-commerce platform.
– People who want to give gifts: NFT Gifts.
Our profit:
+ From the supplier discount on the purchase card.
+ And revenue from selling NFT Gifts.
We currently have more than 3,000 customers buying discount payment cards from Vietnam and the United Kingdom.
Earned profits will be deducted to operate the business; put into the Staking fund and buy and burn tokens according to the plan.
All information will be published on the news page every month.
In the near future, we will add a license for financial institutions in the UK and work towards the NFT gifting app that integrates basic financial services for users like an Online Banking.

Next we are going to part 4: Live Question

Those who participate in the public sale and hold the token for a long time, how will these early investors benefit greatly from the project?

Early participants will benefit from the selling price, the policy for the Holder of the project as well as the upcoming events we organize for members.

What are the main achievements of your Project so far? During the project implementation, what difficulties and risks did you face, and what factors pushed you to overcome those difficulties?

Currently, our project owns more than 3,000 users with sales of more than £1 million/month.
In the near future, we will sign cooperation agreements with investment funds to expand the market and create confidence in our investment community.

How can I acquire this token? Is it available on any exchanges?

on May 1st we held an early sale; you can participate; In addition, on June 1, IDO and IEO will be held on CEX; 03/06 will list on CEX and DEX for trading.
Please follow https://t.me/BeeToken_Chat for updates

Many projects have been abandoned due to low funds and weak experienced team, what are the strengths and weaknesses of your project?

We clearly understand the role of investment funds; however it will put great pressure on the token price when it is released;
Therefore, to protect investors, we choose to work with the investment fund after completing the product to reduce the selling price pressure for the Fund, limit the cost difference to protect small investors. odd.

ONESHOT community, if you want to know more about BEETOKEN! Here are some useful links for you:
Website : https://beeco.io
Discord : https://discord.com/invite/beetoken
Whitepaper : https://beeco.io/white-paper/disclaim

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