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On 08th August ONESHOT Ventures has a Telegram AMA with JUMP TRADE

PLACE : https://t.me/oneshotventures_chat
TIME : 2 PM UTC | 9 PM (UTC +7) | 08th August 2022
Airdrop : $100
Great, the AMA will be happening as follows:

Q1. Could you describe us about your project AMAZY ? What is your project about and how it works?

AMAZY is a way of living, the concept of a healthy lifestyle and the study of modern technologies. No doubt, AMAZY means to be in trend, earn money + go in for sports = Move&Earn. You all know that there are fitness trackers (bracelets, watches), so AMAZY is also this kind of tracker. AMAZY has over 350 stars on board + many of them are world celebrities (a vivid example is Brody Jenner – a TV star with over 2 millions Twitter followers).
AMAZY is a crypto fitness app with two main courses: to Move and to Earn. Equipping users with NFT sneakers, we unite the ideas of a healthy lifestyle and profiting simultaneously.

Q2. What is the main motivation behind project to start? And tell us about your vision also?

The application was officially launched on Mainnet on August 4. The AMAZY app is available for download for both iOS and Android. We have created all the conditions for users to get acquainted with the Web 3.0 industry and the Move&Earn sphere.
In the future, I see AMAZY as an ecosystem of many applications that will use AZY and even AMT tokens.

Q3. What is the role of token in your ecosystem? Could you tell us a bit about the tokenomics of your project?

AMT (AMAZY Movement Token) is a utility token, the amount of which is unlimited. You can get it for walking and jogging.
AZY (AMAZY Token) is a governance token.
In principle, the in-game token does not need an exchange. AMT token will not be on the exchange for the first 3 months or more, we have no such goal.
It will be on DEX to prevent spikes in growth. Then we plan to create our own DEX exchanger inside the app.
AMT token will remain an in-game token.
AMT has multiple burn systems, so will not be highly inflated.
The AZY token will go to the AMAZY project ecosystem.
AMAZY is a whole ecosystem with a large number of applications to be released in the future, not only Move and Earn. Our AZY token, which is already available on exchanges, will unite all these projects. This already suggests that if the user will desire more than walking/jogging or upgrading his sneakers, he can switch to another direction within the AMAZY project and use his tokens there.

We have already announced listings on ByBit, OKX, PancakeSwap, Gateway, MEXC Global.
Here are the links:
OKX: https://www.okx.com/trade-spot/azy-usdt
ByBit: https://bybit.com/en-US/trade/spot/AZY/USDT
PancakeSwap: https://pancakeswap.finance
Gate.io: https://www.gate.io/trade/AZY_USDT
MEXC Global: https://www.mexc.com/exchange/AZY_USDT
When we will launch new AMAZY ecosystem apps, the demand for the AZY token will increase, and so will the token’s price.

Q4. Partners play an important role in the development of the project. Do you have any strategic partnerships that are backing ?

We already have many partners:
Seedify, DAO Maker, OKX, ByBit, MEXC Global, Gate.io, PancakeSwap and more than 350 influencers with a total audience of more than 750 million subscribers. We will develop our partnership. Many partners are known worldwide, some of them are currently under NDA.

Q5. What is business model of AMAZY project? And describe your roadmap and paln for 2022?

You can find the Roadmap on our official website https://amazy.io
Recently we have been maximally focused on the release of the application in the main BSC network.
AMAZY is already available to download on AppStore and Google Play.

Next we are going to part 2
5 Questions on twitter
Question 1
HACKERS and SCAMMERS are very much active. Can you please give some information about the Security system of your “#amazyio” project? How safe is your project especially for long term investors?

AMAZY will use an anti-cheat system. We give detailed information about the operation of the anti-cheat system in our Whitepaper. Please have a look: https://amazy-1.gitbook.io/whitepaper/anti-cheat/anti-cheat-system
AMAZY Smart-Contract

Question 2
Do we have to do KYC verification to buy NFTs on #Amazy? Are the NFTs we keep in our wallet safe from cyber attacks & thieves? Can you tell us about the cyber precautions you use?

You do not need to pass through KYC. The team developed a security system. We cannot disclose exactly which system we use, as this information is confidential. But we will definitely make all we can for your safety! There’s a huge team on the project, and there are specialists working on keeping the project secure.

Question 3
In Amazy, I see there are four types of shoes: Ranger, Hiker, Coacher and Sprinter. Among these sneakers, How do I understand that it is suitable for each player? Do they differ in price? How can I buy one? Also, can these sneakers be upgraded to increase power and profitability?

We described each sneakers type in the WhitePaper.
You can examine it right away:
Each of them has its benefits, this is all individual.
Boxes and NFT-sneakers can be bought at our NFT marketplace. You can buy any number of sneakers. https://go.amazy.io/marketplace

Question 4
The game is currently in beta, when will we see the full version of the game and what are the feedback from the users who played the beta version, what are their thoughts about the game, and is there any reward for those who use the beta?

AMAZY is already available to download on AppStore and Google Play.

Question 5
I found out that $AMAZY creates its own Academy so can you describe & tell us more about the purpose & goal of your Academy? Can you tell us its features? How can anyone enroll or engage in your Academy? Does this academy is free or need money to enroll or avail?

We have created a huge amount of educational content – AMAZY Academy
AMAZY Academy is free for each of you and is available here https://amazy-1.gitbook.io/amazy-academy-en/
All information is written in plain language about the world of web 3.0. Everyone new to Web 3.0 will be able to learn a lot of new information.

Next we are going to last part

Why did you decide to migrate/build on the Binance Smart Chain? And, what do you hope to see next from the BSC community?

BSC was chosen because it has the widest user base. And well represented in the market. At the same time, Solana has more bugs. And we believe in the BNB Chain.
For example, recently, wallets using the Solana blockchain were hacked. And users lost money.
BSC has not encountered such problems and has many advantages.

Do you have an AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that its security becomes more secure and reliable?

You can check audit AMAZY smart-contracts. This is done by Certik.

One of the major issues with Move-To-Earn projects is inflation & cheating within the application
How will $AMAZY tackle this issues?

We have an extremely different strategy from all other projects. A large number of influencers on board have been disclosed one by one. We work with the influencer’s audience. So, if AMAZY sees some changes they don’t like on the market, they will disclose more and more. This will influence the token price. So, if an influencer shares AMAZY with many millions, the audience will join AMAZY and this will cause the price to go up. That is why we announce every blogger gradually.
Also, there’s a limited number of participation entries that will help to control inflation.

How to buy $ AMT ? What is your listing plan after the sale ? DEX or CEX….?

Purchase $AMT tokens:
PancakeSwap Exchange

Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

We have many partners and communities all around the world. Here are AMAZY international Telegram chats:
English: https://t.me/amazyio_en
Russia – https://t.me/amazyio_ru
Turkey – https://t.me/amazytr
Philippines – https://t.me/AMAZY_Philippines
Indonesia – https://t.me/AMAZY_Indonesia
Vietnam – https://t.me/AMAZY_Vietnam
Japan – https://t.me/AMAZY_Japan
Republic of Korea – https://t.me/AMAZY_Korea
China – https://t.me/AMAZY_China
Thailand – https://t.me/AMAZY_Thai
Saudi Arabia – https://t.me/AMAZY_Arabi
Iran – https://t.me/AMAZY_Iran
India – https://t.me/Amazy_India
Dari – https://t.me/AMAZY_Dari
Israel – https://t.me/Amazy_ISR

And yet more AMAZY’s socials:

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