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On 16th November, ONESHOT Ventures has a Telegram AMA with HEROFI.

At the AMA: Jennie Tran – CMO from HeroFi team, introduced and shared many interesting information about HeroFi.

Great, the AMA will be happening as follows:

Part 1 : Introduction
Part 2 : 5 Questions In Free Asking

ONESHOT: Joining the AMA today is Jennie Tran – HeroFi Representative

Hi Jennie Tran, I’m Nhut Tran – admin of OneShot Ventures. We are happy to host an AMA with your project.

HEROFI: Hello everyone, very happy to join the AMA with ONESHOT community ❤️❤️❤️

ONESHOT: Hi, are you ready?

HEROFI: I’m ready !!!

ONESHOT: Can Jennie introduce herself and the HeroFi project a bit?

HEROFI: HeroFi is a game in the form of aRPG (Action Role Playing Game) on Mobile interface and also a free to play & P2E game for everyone. The main purpose of the game is to create a new experience for players in the field of gaming and DeFi (decentralized finance). Game: create games with good mechanics for players to be entertained – DeFi: ways to earn more passive income for users. To do this, the project has integrated a lot of its own experience as well as lessons learned from NFTs games to create new mechanisms, optimal experiences, suitable for users.

ONESHOT: thanks for your reply !

We will go to the second question!

Coming soon, Herofi will officially launch this 20th November, what do players need to participate and do they need to deposit an investment to be able to play the game?

HEROFI: With the criterion from the very beginning to create a player-friendly NFTs game, HeroFi does not require any initial investment to participate in the game, players just need to experience and earn money without investment. an advance amount.

ONESHOT: An extremely great criterion

Will HeroFi launch the Multiverse universe in the near future? Can you tell what Multiverse is and how it functions so that everyone can understand?

HEROFI: The Multiverse universe system will include games other than HeroFi, and where $ROFI will be the main token used in all Multiverse games. Players can travel through space to enjoy the game experience and earn tokens by using ESSENCE – space travel tickets. We’re launching the Multiverse at the end of November with the next game in the universe: LEGEND GUARDIANS.

With the launch of the Multiverse universe, players can experience more stories and gameplay. When ROFI is a shared token in the universe system, it will help increase the value of ROFI coin. This is also a motivation for players to participate and earn money from the game.

ONESHOT: You mentioned ESSENCE is used to travel the Multiverse universe, can you tell more about what ESSENCE is and how to use it in the game?

HEROFI: “””ESSENCE is a ticket to space travel – the only tool that allows players to open the portal between worlds in the Multiverse universe. Players will have the opportunity to earn ROFI not only in HeroFi but also in other games in the Multiverse universe system.

However, ESSENCE is made up of many separate pieces and depends on the Hero’s star level the player owns.”””

ONESHOT: About how many games do you think there will be in the Multiverse universe? Does HeroFi have a plan to launch the next game in the Multiverse?

HEROFI: We will have more games on the Multiverse to increase the player’s experience in the game and give them more opportunities to earn tokens.
The next game in the HeroFi Multiverse, LEGEND GUARDIANS, will have an OPEN BETA on 30th November.

We are very excited and looking forward to this event, follow HeroFi’s twitter and Telegram for the latest news.

ONESHOT: I would like to ask one more question so that the community can understand more about HeroFi

Finally, can you update your project progress to our community? What has your team achieved so far and also indicate what goals HeroFi wants to achieve in the near feature?

HEROFI: We already have our user base, our track record so far.

Here are some of the achievements we’ve made in a few days of release:
– Twitter impressions near 1.7 million for 5 tweets
– Whitelist for Alpha Test version reached nearly 20K registrations.
– Telegram has more than 55 thousand users, 90% active
There are many other indicators worth noting

Our top goal this month is to officially release the game on November 20th which will launch HeroFi’s Mutilverse ecosystem in December 2021.

ONESHOT: I will definitely join your game with my team!

HEROFI: Thank you ONESHOT Community so much.

ONESHOT: Surely the audience is looking forward to new updates from you.

Thanks for your answers. We come to the next part: Live Questions.

HEROFI: I’m ready to answer everyone’s questions!

ONESHOT: Let me tell you about the law first

Join Telegram: t.me/herofianna
Follow Twitter: twitter.com/HeroFiio

If you do not follow the above rules, you will be disqualified and you will not receive the reward.

I will open a group chat for 60 seconds and then you will choose 5 answers @Jennie_CMOHeroFi

HEROFI: I’m ready !

ONESHOT: More than 1000 questions have been asked

Please Jennie , please choose 5 questions !

HEROFI: Thank you very much for all the questions that everyone has posed to me and the project

COMMUNITY: What is the difference of HeroFi game with other emerging games?

HEROFI: We also learn from others. For example, the gameplay of Axie Infinity is very attractive, so many other games have followed them. It will result in saturation.
I don’t think Axie Infinity and other similar P2E Games are user friendly because these games require players to need a large amount of money to buy some characters before playing the game while almost everyone players don’t want to pay anything to get started. Over time, it will lead to limiting the number of players and the game development process.
HeroFi is built on Free-to-play and Play-to-earn mechanics and it will require real players and real gameplay, while being more user-friendly. It will help us become more sustainable to develop and ensure the development of the players in the long term.

COMMUNITY: Online games are difficult to win. Many people are even afraid of playing games because they think they will lose money. What is the difference of the #HeroFi platform and what are the real chances of winning if I am not a pro gamer?

HEROFI: First, we are not an online game. We are gamefi !!!

Since the game is free to play, new players can always join the game. There will be no investment barriers and real players can make money by simply enjoying and earning. Therefore, we are confident that this game can attract a large number of players in the long run

In HeroFi we have auto mode and this game doesn’t require much skill to win

It is very easy to play even for new players.

COMMUNITY: Can you list 1-3 great Project features that set your project ahead of your competitors? What competitive advantage does your project have that you feel most confident in?

HEROFI: 1) Our HEROFI has a very different tokenomic than the rest of the projects on the market, we have a very high Burn token mechanic up to 60% ROFI generated, this minimizes the inflation that the previous game are encountered.
2) HEROFI’s gameplay is aRPG so it is a premise to reach a large number of players and with interesting storyline and adventures I believe that players will have their own impression of HEROFI.
3) HEROFI will later form a multiverse, there will be an ecosystem around HEROFI and HEROFI is the center of that ecosystem, when there are many games around, the coverage of HEROFI is huge. So, if you are really interested in HEROFI, join the Whitelist program to experience the Open beta on October 30 as well as the official version on November 20.
Registration link: https://herofi.lz.finance/
HeroFi homepage: https://herofi.io/

COMMUNITY: Will the number of characters/heroes in PVP always be 5vs5?

HEROFI: With PvP mode, each player can have up to 5 heroes in the squad. That means even if you only have 1 hero, you can still experience PvP mode.
We also want to talk more about the squad mechanics in PvP mode:
– Battle formations in PvP mode are met based on star group. Regardless of how many heroes you have in your squad, deciding which opponent you will face is based on the hero with the highest number of stars on your team.
For example, if your team has a 3-star hero, your opponent will also have at least 1 3-star hero. Other heroes in the lineup depend on the number of your or your opponent’s heroes.

COMMUNITY: What is the security system of HeroFi platform???? What security measures are in place to avoid smart contract failures and hacker impacts? Has the smart contract been tested and completed yet?

HEROFI: HeroFi has been audited by Verichain company to ensure the safety of the project and avoid smart contract errors and hacker impacts. With 10 years of experience in developing and operating in this field, we are confident that there will be no risks.

ONESHOT: Looks like there’s a lot more to talk about but I’m afraid that’s over now. For all unanswered questions, feel free to search for more information on the links provided earlier.

Thank you so much for being here with us today to introduce HeroFi.

Do you have something to say to our community?

Because your project is a great project !

HEROFI: Thank you for the support of Nhut Tran, thank you very much to the Oneshot community for listening to me about the project and asking me many interesting questions. Looking forward to seeing you all again at HeroFi !

ONESHOT: Thank you for your participation today ! 

My community promises to participate in HeroFi’s upcoming projects !

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