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On December 12, ONESHOT Ventures has a Telegram AMA with DRAGON VERSE.

At AMA: Dragon Verse, was introduced and shared many interesting information about Dragon Verse.

  • LOCATION: https://t.me/oneshotventures_chat
  • TIME: 8 AM UTC | 3 PM (UTC+7) | 12th December 2021
  • AIRDROP: 100$

The AMA session is conducted and takes place according to the following sections:

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: 5 Questions 5 Questions from Twitter

Part 3: 5 questions when asking freely

Hello everyone, we are now ready to have an AMA with Dragon Verse today. The conversation will be muted during the AMA and you can chat again after the conversation is over.

ONESHOT: Hello everyone, we are now ready to have an AMA with Dragon Verse today. The conversation will be muted during the AMA and you can chat again after the conversation is over. @cryptogwengwen Thank you for joining us today! We are happy to have you here! I love all GameFi projects.

DRAGON VERSE: Hello everyone.

ONESHOT: Please type “done” at the end of your answer in case I join too soon! To start the AMA, we’ll move on to segment 1: Introduction. Are you ready for shard 1 @cryptogwengwen?

DRAGON VERSE: It’s me. I would like to introduce myself as the Leader of the Vietnamese community from the Dragon Verse project.

ONESHOT: Can you tell us about Dragon Verse and the goal that led to its creation? @cryptogwengwen

DRAGON VERSE: Okay buddy.

The world of blockchain gaming has grown very rapidly since the beginning of 2021 and there are hundreds of projects that have launched, each with its own story and opportunities for investors.

In it, Dragon Verse Finance is an upcoming money-making game based on the Binance smart chain with several features that will help gamers maximize their earnings.
The goal of the platform is to follow the concept of play for money (P2E), where users get the benefit of playing games in its ecosystem. Dragon Verse combines three crypto concepts into one platform: Defi, Gamefi and NFT.

Dragon Verse = NFTs + GameFi + P2E Alliance + Staking

This is a P2E game that has a game and is in the testing phase of the game on testnet, you can rest assured

This Dragon Verse uses DRV Token

Team has audited + KYC

If everyone goes to Pinksale, they will see a KYC + Audit button. This game is currently on pre-sale, everyone. Sell from 15:00 15:32
It’s almost 700BNB already.

Brothers and sisters who are interested in P2E games, hurry up

The global team has informed me that it is expected to be sold in 2 hours

This child has a very low supply, because the global team makes games, so I want to keep the price of this baby high, not to give much inflation

The total supply of 300,000,000 DRV Airdrop form is nearly 100,000 people, but here they will only choose 1200 valid forms

Everyone can go here to see the game trailer, with ok graphics, nice visuals, good, smooth running game

If you want, you can go to the link above to find out more, buy and earn more, this baby is pre-sale, the list is finished, it pumps so hard because there is a game
You can see it on PinkSale, it has successfully displayed the word KYC, has been shown to the big exchanges, so I’m not afraid.
This Pre-sale accounted for 3.5%, selling Soft cap 750 BNB, Hard cap 1500 BNB

In which 1 BNB = 7,000 DRV guys Min buy = 0.1 BNB Max buy = 5 BNB
normally like other projects, it pushes max buy 10 BNB but here pushes 5 BNB to give more people a place to buy
On pinksale it allows you to check the information, please click on the link to see more.

Contract of this Dragon: 0xcD9442d70Eb0E6ecf26919E62278Fc4Fd24C3Ed2 now fly in and buy in time.

Tokenomics is distributed as follows:

DRV coin will be used to play games, in which the global team lead’s token allocation strategy is quite clear
Please consider it.
This is a review of playing games using characters, everyone please check it out, I am testing the game on testnet and if I go to the right roadmap, the pre-sale will be the steps: -> Push the List to CG, CMC -> Out Staking to attract players, keep coin price -> Launch NFT Box to buy -> Launch Test Beta game -> Launch NFT Marketplace to buy and sell on.

ONESHOT: Wow this is a really cool project.

Have you finished your answer yet, Gwen?

DRAGON VERSE: Yeah. Not yet. Should join the pre-sale from now on because according to this route, there will be 2-3 coin price increases, not to mention that the global team will have policies to keep the price of DRV from being dumped. After that, everyone remember to consider it!

ONESHOT: Your answer is almost relieving a lot of people’s curiosity about this project. Great, excellent, wonderfull! Let’s move on to the next question

What innovative solution is Dragon Verse offering to beat the competition with similar services in GameFi?

DRAGON VERSE: Dragon Verse has a very cool Ecosystem and this and that.

Some of the features that define Dragon Verse’s Ecosystem include: NFT Staking Function that allows gamers to put $DRV coins in and get interest NFT Marketplace Players can sell or trade their Dragons on market. Moreover, you can get other better dragons with affordable price in this market. PLAY-TO-EARN Of course, the main reason for launching Dragon Verse is to provide monetization options. Keeping Dragons and DRV coins can both be sources of income for players. PVE & PVP MODE PVE uses a story mode, which involves the player fighting dragons against the Dark Lord Dragon. PVP is where you play fighting with another player. Whoever destroys the opponent is the winner. Deflation The network will ensure that the DRV remains deflationary in the long run. It will charge a 6% trading tax and add it to the liquidity pools.

In which Staking is a bright spot for the difference with competitors. In addition to doing the same thing as giving up savings and then getting money -> the STAKING side has a built-in Commission Referral feature. This means that each person who invites new people to participate in staking will receive a commission.

ONESHOT: Wow very clever idea.

DRAGON VERSE: This will help the community grow stronger + better control DRV cash flow
The Dev team has many good strategies for this project
To explain their strategy more clearly, I will talk more about the GAME Mechanics for everyone to understand
As everyone can see, the game has a character system of 5 main characters, each of these characters will have its own system.

There will be 5 attribute systems ranked from weak to strong: Water -> Earth -> Fire -> Light -> Darkness
In the game, each character will have 5 levels to evolve to level 5 will be the strongest Map game has a total of 10 maps, currently the dev side has 3 maps and is testing the game to perfect the maps, each Map will have 10 round -> fight to the 10th round is the boss fight
I will have 2 game modes: Dragon vs Monster or Dragon vs Dragon of other players, there are 2 buttons to play Attack and Potion
Attack to attack the opponent (cooldown time is about 5s) Potion to heal, can buy more auxiliary items to heal faster, fight easier.

(Fight with monsters )
(Fight with boss)
To play this game, I need: 1. buy DRV coin 2. go to its marketplace to buy NFT Box (estimated 250$ each box) 3. smash NFT Box to get dragon -> random from lvl 1 to lvl 5 4 Bring the dragon into the battle game -> if you win, you will receive Rewards as Token. Tokens can be claimed on the trading wallet if you like.
There are 2 ways to play dragons: 1. Sell and trade on Marketplace 2. Combine dragons to get to a higher level and play easier to win. The mechanism of Dragon Matching is quite similar to Rici but simpler, if I take 2 dragons of the same level together, it will produce a higher level dragon. Here is the rate:

This game has a lot of good things to participate in, with a pretty simple mechanism every month with a ranking to give tokens, and there is a World Tournament, you guys just consider it, okay, go to the pre-sale to wait there. When I was rambling, it was about to hit the soft-cap. Make the most of it! If not, buy tokens to play the game, there will be a Marketplace for trading here.

Trade dragons and trade NFT Box at the same time.In addition, the global team is also developing Metaverse Real Estate

After buying the land, the player has the right to use that land to lease it back, or organize a tournament let other players join to get money

The game mechanism is quite clear, easy to develop. If you finish playing, win the round, you will be rewarded with tokens.
ONESHOT: Wow, it’s embarrassing to admit that Gwen’s answer was almost so thorough that I didn’t know what else to ask.
However, I still have one last question to discuss before we move on to part 2.
ONESHOT: Can you share with our community about the expansion plan in the country as well as in the world?
DRAGON VERSE: Okay, now I’m a community leader in Vietnam. I’m one of the leaders connected by the global team and given this leadership responsibility. In addition, there are leaders from other countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Korea, and South Africa, etc…
The party here working will follow the system and connect with people who can do well for the system in that country. 1 complete leader in each country. Leaders will work directly with the global team to deliver, information map of things

In Vietnam, the community is also very strong. Currently, there is a Zalo group of nearly 400 people interested in this project and the main telegram group is waiting for the pre-sale to finish, the global side will officially create it. Team Việt Nam is very strong, don’t worry.

ONESHOT: Yes, thank you very much for Gwen’s extremely friendly answer, this is a very interested Game.

With this answer, Part 1 of the AMA has ended. I believe everyone has an overview of your team and Dragon Verse!

To go into more detail, we’ll go to Part 2: Answer questions from Twitter.

First, I would like to thank the members of the ONESHOT Community for sending so many questions about Dragon Verse to our Twitter.

All the questions are great but we can only choose 5 of them to answer because time is limited!!!

Are you ready Gwen?

DRAGON VERSE: I’m ready the same way I’m waiting for Hard Cap.

ONESHOT: Okey so let’s go!

The first question came from: @Pkragak
Dragon Verse has a deflationary mechanism where a 6% fee will be charged for each sale, which will then be added to the liquidity pool. Why does it only apply when selling and not when buying? Do you plan to add sales tax in the future?

DRAGON VERSE: Yes, the global team explained that this is a mechanism to motivate investors to buy + keep them, reduce selling power so that the market is stable, not dumped!

Dragon Verse has a deflation mechanism where a 6% fee will be charged…
If you buy it, it will cost 0% fee, if you sell it, you will lose 6%, but this 6% will also add back 3% of the liquidity pool + 3% for each holder, so selling it anyway is beneficial for the brothers who stay.

ONESHOT: Ok let’s continue with question 2, next is still the question of: @Pkragak
Dragon Verse game not only gives players excitement and entertainment but also allows them to earn cryptocurrency and earn prizes for their activity. So for those who are not players of your platform, how can they earn crypto without playing games in Dragon Verse?

DRAGON VERSE: In addition to playing games, investors can also trade DRV coins on Pancakeswap or the private Swap platform that DRV will develop.

In addition to trading, they can also make money from Staking tokens and receive profits every day!

ONESHOT: Câu hỏi tiếp theo từ: @KiyokoSumaru Chúng tôi biết rằng nhiều trò chơi Blockchains yêu cầu đầu tư ban đầu lớn để bắt đầu chơi, điều này khiến điều này trở thành rào cản đối với người dùng mới và đối với những người dùng không có tiền điện tử. Liệu người dùng có thể chơi thử “Dragon Verse Game” mà không cần đặt cọc ban đầu không?

DRAGON VERSE: In fact, when playing the game, it forces each investor to spend initial capital to buy NFT Box -> break the box to get a Dragon -> join the game. But in the near future for players to experience this game, the global team has released a Test Beta Game

And there will be a whitelist for some lucky players to try it out!

It’s on the roadmap, everyone can visit the project group to take a look

– Website: https://dragonverse.finance/

– Tele group: https://t.me/Dragonverse_Official

– Tele Channel: https://t.me/Dragonverse_Ann

ONESHOT:  Next question comes from: @SilakYamon
In DragonVerse, there are 2 types of game modes: Arena (PVE mode) & Arena (PVP mode) (PVP mode). Would you please explain the difference between these two game modes in your ecosystem? Are there any leaderboards in DragonVerse? If so, what benefits will be given to the top players?

DRAGON VERSE: There will be 2 game modes: PvE (dragons fight monsters) and PvP (dragons fight other players’ dragons).

There will be a monthly top 10 ranking chart for DRV

Those in TOP 10 LEADERBOARD worldwide will receive token rewards

In addition, there is a tournament to fight all over the world

Prizes up to $20,000

ONESHOT: And finally the question comes from: @RuinsOliver
The unit token of Dragon Verse is $DRV. Its total supply, according to tokenomics, is 300,000,000. How do you intend to unreasonably deflate the overall supply to keep the token price up?

DRAGON VERSE: This is a good question.

Currently, the dev team will have 2 main directions to deflate:
1. NFT boxes: 1 person buys NFT boxes at a time
-> The DRV money used to pay for that will:
+ 50% burn immediately -> reduce inflation
+ 10% on Dev development pool
+ 10% on marketing
+ 30% on 2 Game Rewards & Staking

2. Staking: when investors staking, it will be easier to gather DRV in the market and control it more easily

dump rack

mainly to keep the stability of copper in the market

and there is a 3rd direction we are testing, which is to set limits for players every day

ONESHOT: OK, so we have completed part 2 in a great way. That was the last question from Twitter.

Right now is the most awaited part.

In this section, I will open the chat to receive questions from the community. Please choose 5 answers @cryptogwengwen


COMMUNITY: When will the game release beta and official?

DRAGON VERSE: Currently, according to the roadmap, it will be the end of December Release Test beta game, Official will try to push it in 2021
COMMUNITY: What is the minimum to invest in your project?
DRAGON VERSE: Just buy 1 box of NFT to smash the Dragon to be able to join the game. 1 box of NFT will cost ~250$.

COMMUNITY: How can I buy this tokens? Is it available on any exchange?

DRAGON VERSE: The team is currently running a pre-sale and is expected to do 1500 BNB hard-cap today.

This Pre-sale accounted for 3.5%, selling Soft cap 750 BNB, Hard cap 1500 BNB

in which 1 BNB = 7,000 DRV guys

Min buy = 0.1 BNB
Max buy = 5 BNB

Contract of this Dragon: 0xcD9442d70Eb0E6ecf26919E62278Fc4Fd24C3Ed2

Soft-cap has been reached after 1 hour of opening

After the pre-sale is over, team global will list this coin on Pancakeswap first

Follow the route then you can buy and sell this coin above

COMMUNITY: Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or is it only appealing to professional users?

DRAGON VERSE: It is suitable for both. Both the game and the trading mechanism are simple and open to everyone involved in the crypto market.

Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or is it just attractive…
Since it is a Play-to-earn project, it is essential to provide a simple, understandable and easy-to-make money-making system for all players.

COMMUNITY: What was the biggest milestone your project has? What is plan in the future ?

DRAGON VERSE: Currently the project is in the pre-sale process, so the only milestone is to reach the soft-cap of 750 BNB within 1 hour. At the same time, DRV has not been listed on the floor yet, but has been granted a logo by BSCScan. What was the biggest milestone your project has? What is the plan in the future ? Since this is a project with a game, you can rest assured to get on the boat. After the pre-sale is over, there will be 2-3 more price increases.

ONESHOT: Congratulations to the questions of the 5 who were selected excellently.

With those 5 answers, I would like to announce that the AMA is here to end!





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