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AMA: ONESHOT VENTURES x Venice Finance $100 Reward Pool

AMA: ONESHOT VENTURES x Venice Finance $100 Reward Pool

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DATE : 22nd January 2022
TIME : 2 PM UTC | 9 PM (UTC +7)
Rewards Pool : 100$
Language: English

VENUE : @oneshotventures_chat

Special Guest:
Alex Park, Head of Marketing at Venice Finance, USC, 7 years FinTech Professional

  • Part 1 : Introduction
  • Part 2 : Questions In Website
  • Part 3 : Questions In Twitter
  • Part 4 : Questions In Free Asking


2 random questions will be selected from this Website post, please post your questions in this thread. Only 1 post is allowed per user . DON’T FORGET TO REPLY WITH YOUR BEP20 WALLET 

6 bình luận

  1. Now have many super hackers so security, scalability, and data privacy are three aspects that are very important.I want to know How the team Venice Finance resolves if there is an unfortunate security problem?

  2. Nowadays, DEX is in high demand among many traders. Furthermore, there are already more popular DEXs than Venice like PancakeSwap, Uniswap or SerumDex. What are your plans to compete with them, to increase the demand for DEX and make Venice the best DEX?

  3. No one wants to wait, so how do you overcome server overload during peak hours? There will be people who are just starting to learn about cryptocurrencies, is there any way you can help them?

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