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AMA: ONESHOT VENTURES x Definity Legend $100 Reward Pool

AMA: ONESHOT VENTURES x Definity Legend $100 Reward Pool

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DATE : 15th February 2022
TIME : 2 PM UTC | 9 PM (UTC +7)
Rewards Pool : 100$
Language: English

VENUE : @oneshotventures_chat

Special Guest: Nic Chin

2 random questions will be selected from this Website post, please post your questions in this thread. Only 1 post is allowed per user . DON’T FORGET TO REPLY WITH YOUR BEP20 WALLET

2 bình luận

  1. Players will need to spend a fortune in order to earn in some play-to-earn games, and if they don't invest enough, the money they earn won't even cover gas fees. How much does it cost to play game, and how lucrative is it?
    My bep20 : 0x3a76760c2c09dfcbab03c71693a0c6fca338a570

  2. When we look at a new project, the experience of the team behind it is one of the aspects that usually guarantees the confidence and even the success of the project.Who makes up the DeFinity team? What experience do they have in both traditional finance and blockchain?
    My bep20 wallet: 0xA79d9Cf2580623579c9e3547fd3Af786AEb72a34

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