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AMA: ONESHOT VENTURES x Atlantis Metaverse $100 Reward Pool

AMA: ONESHOT VENTURES x Atlantis Metaverse $100 Reward Pool

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DATE : 19th February 2022
TIME : 12 PM UTC | 7 PM (UTC +7)
Rewards Pool : 100$
Language: English

VENUE : @oneshotventures_chat

Special Guest: Audrey.

2 random questions will be selected from this Website post, please post your questions in this thread. Only 1 post is allowed per user . DON’T FORGET TO REPLY WITH YOUR BEP20 WALLET

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  1. 0x2f2C296762c1A481BB87597aA3d1bc06360f70B6

    Is the Atlantis Metaverse primarily aimed at gamers? What about users who aren't gamers? Can they earn money even if they don't play your game? Is it possible for investors to earn long-term returns by holding $TAU tokens?

  2. 0xF8F7d40416DFD216131c5a949e0Fcf1cEF02FA29

    Usually,as a P2E game hits success,the token price and hence the entry cost to the new players are also raised. So, How can Atlantis Metaverse solve this issue of the entry fee to the late comers? Also, what are the minimum requirements to start playing the game? How do we get them?

  3. Could you tell us a little more detail about the economy and tokenomics implemented in Atlantis Metaverse? will it be the common model where you have two different tokens, one for governance and one for in-game rewards? or will you have only $TAU for all utilities?

    BEP20: 0x15F4f72320e6276e4019bf9A87a6538a1196c0CE

  4. I see that it will unfold in 4 consecutive worlds: Ocean, Hell, Heaven and Earth. Based on that, 4 worlds in the game equals 4 different game versions, so currently which of these game versions are you focusing on developing and what features does it have?

    Bep20: 0x9885050cfc9ace9cd3fbdf270293794b3a1999ef

  5. I saw on their website, that Atlantis has 6 Characters, but they didn’t mention the names of the characters and their functions. So can you tell us the name and function of these 6 Characters? And how user can have this Character?

    Bep20: 0x802a68182D9b4aDFd823C49C2B8C026abAde31f7

  6. Bạn có thể liệt kê 1-3 tính năng nổi bật của Atlantis Metaverse khiến nó vượt lên trên các đối thủ cạnh tranh không? Lợi thế cạnh tranh mà dự án của bạn có mà bạn cảm thấy tự tin nhất là gì?

  7. Can you list 1-3 salient features of Atlantis Metaverse that set it above its competitors? What competitive advantage does your project have that you feel most confident in?

  8. NFT-RPG game projects are often encountered nowadays. What makes Atlantis Metaverse different from the others? And tell me what can make players/investors last a long time in this project?

  9. In your whitepaper says that we can earn crypto daily performing specific tasks on Atlantis Metaverse. Can you be more specific about the tasks the user has to do? How much does the user earn for each task? When will these missions be ready daily?


  10. Like Axie Infinity, Atlantis Metaverse has 2 token $TAU and $AUM What is the respective application of $TAU and $AUM in games? What is the reason for adopting the dual-token model? And Which one is needed to start the game?


  11. From the roadmap, I see that Atlantis is having a long term buisness vision,with the 2D game model set to release in January, 3D model in 2023 & metaverse in 2024. So how do u intent to keep the investors incentivized for this long term duration?What are the longterm benefits?
    My Bep20 : 0xd27448c9be2e37c1f33157752b632eb1e0ba2cfd

  12. Learning about the project, I read that Atlantis Metaverse has joined the Asian Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) as their Platinum Member. Can you please tell us what this means for both the project and the user? Is that something we should be happy about?
    My bep20 wallet : 0x11700ec33f3cd3c73ac785f1e10d7db63d89e7c3

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